The Qanon Phenomenon Is Fascinating

I’ve been following the Qanon movement since last December, when Vox Day’s site talked about it.

At that time, I had not heard about it, so I was intrigued. I read some of his posts, which at that time were starting to take a more Socratic approach to information dissemination. I didn’t think one way or another about it, figuring it was another conspiracy theory scrabbling amongst all the others out there.

And then, slowly, post by post, Q started up the path of popular influencer.

Over the next month or so, I’d check in on r/CBTS to see the latest Q thought. He’s stating nothing more than what I’ve observed personally about politics, but he was adding details that I’d never encountered before. He could be making it all up, I thought, but this guy is becoming more and more interesting, if just to follow for fiction’s entertainment sake.

And Q continued to post. Once r/CBTS was banned by Reddit in mid-March 2018, I thought it was curious that Reddit would take such a stance, after all, I didn’t see really anything out of the norm what one encounters elsewhere on the Interwebs. Lord knows going through 8chan, the source of Q’s posts, was a grisly adventure into a part of humanity I didn’t wish to partipate in. But like most of the CBTS-ers, I migrated over to r/GreatAwakening (r/GA), where I thought the commentary was slightly more elevated and interesting.

I’m a political numbers guy, so when I started seeing over the summer pictures on r/GA of people purchasing billboards across the South to publicize “WWG1WGA,” or the hashtag #Qanon, I realized this was becoming a serious political phenomenon. Billboards are about $3K to $6K to use, so some patriotic Americans were spending their own money to get the message out. And when Apple banned the Q app from its iStore, they let slip it was the number-one selling app in their store.

Now you’re talking real thought penetration into the masses, I thought. At this stage, it really doesn’t matter if Q is true or not–if enough ordinary voters believe it, it might as well be considered true.

Q has stated in the last 45 days that 30M to 50M people are now involved in Q’s activities–readers, lurkers, husbands talking about it with wives, etc. r/GA was facing a million viewers a day before it was shut down, with 300K followers confirmed by Reddit. I never signed up to it and I regularly lurked, so I wasn’t counted, so it’s much larger than the numbers are showing.

It could be 20-30% of the voting population will now follow Q and Trump to the end of the Earth. Many of those seemed like they were independents or apathetic towards politics, so there could be a significant Red surge on Election Day, 6 Nov 18. We’ll see.

When the MSM lost control of their narrative at the beginning of August with the first Q story in the Washington Post, that’s when I realized Q was big-time. He’s putting fear into heart of The Powers That Be, or Cabal, or Establishment, or whatever label you want to give to the thoroughly worthless political class you and I encounter in D.C.

It’s only become worse with Reddit’s banning of r/GA on 12 Sept 18. As Q has written in the last two days, it’s “PANIC IN DC.” If what he is writing is true, the Democrats and other Establishment defenders are now seeing that this Administration does not deal with evil. The Establishment is finally realizing that their number may be up, if they cannot regain control of this situation. At this stage, a cornered animal starts making mistakes, starts hiring the wrong assassins, and does something that they believe would stop it, but in reality, it’d be the worst possible thing.

One post I read on one of the boards summed up what I though would happen, if that came to pass. The gentleman stated he’d kiss the wife and kids goodbye, load up the truck with his sleeping bag and tent, and every firearm and piece of ammunition in the house, and he would drive to where forces were being amassed to take back this country. That’s devotion, ladies and gentlemen. And that’s where we seemingly are today, 18 Sept 18.

Listen, until I start seeing arrests, I’ll still take Q with a grain of salt. And if I won the MegaMillions or “Cash 4 Life” lottery tomorrow, I’d hang up my posts and chuck politics, and go open a chain of pubs in Europe, leaving these machinations to others.

But the Q phenomenon is real, and it is affecting American politics. Whether it can change the course of history…”we’ll see.

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What the Heck Does Q Mean?!

If you’re following the #Qanon saga, the best site I found that interprets Q’s cryptic messages is Neon Revolt, found at:

Q is a fascinating historical phenomenon. Still undecided if he’s a LARP–well, maybe 30% still not sure, which means 70% of me thinks he’s the real deal.

Which would be Historic with a capital H.

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An Alternative To The FBI: And It’s Already In The #Constitution

I’ve been thinking about this idea for years, and decided to publish it on a solid Alt-West blog I read regularly.

“Ryan’s Guards Regiment”

The FBI is becoming a very arrogant organization because its morally deficient leadership knows it has a monopoly. It badly needs a competitor.

I’ve advocated for years that another organization dedicated to protecting the Constitution, and not necessarily law enforcement, is needed in today’s American domestic policy and political world.

Call it the Constitution Security Service, call it the Militia (which as a bonus, already has its organizing clauses in the Constitution), call it the “Office for the Protection of the Constitution” (as the Germans do for their BfV domestic security agency), call it “Ryan’s Guards Regiment,” call it whatever, this new paramilitary organization could certainly serve as a counter to a increasingly rogue security organization like the FBI. It would also have other functions as well through its mission and necessity.

I’ve also advocated this new American force should be organized on the lines of the Russian Ministry of Interior’s Internal Troops, which has been around since the days of Alexander I. (It’s now Putin’s “National Guard of Russia.”) That would mean a minimum of two divisions’ strength with support units, including armor, artillery, and air. This force has to have real teeth if it going to be taken seriously.

And instead of the President running this force under Article II, it should be under the aegis of Congress and Article I. Which would mean that Article III courts could not have jurisdiction over its arrests; Congress would have to set up a new alternative court system with its functions specifically removed from Article III jurisprudence under the Exceptions Clause (Art. 3, Sec. 2).

Congress can do that. And it should. Perhaps this might be the opportunity to do so, if someone on Capitol Hill (I’m guessing certain R House Members, you know which ones) reading this blog thought this idea might make a _really_ interesting bill to drop this session…

Naturally, I want a command position with this organization.  Having studied paramilitary organizations from Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Serbia, Yugoslavia, etc., I know how to organize such a service and avoid the pitfalls encountered by others, especially in the preservation of freedom and Liberty.

I can dance between the raindrops.  Just put me there, step aside, and shut up.

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I need to update this blog!

Looking down at the last post, there has been so much that has happened that I have missed commenting on. Trump taking office, Trump fighting from Day 1, the Establishment, Deep State, and the Left strikes back, the growing derangement of the MSM as it loses power more and more each day, and now the final scene of the opening act: the public televised evisceration of former FBI Director Comey’s reputation.

And don’t get me started on the decline of Western Civilization and Europe, all deliberately engineered by ancient evil and twisted human beings.

I will change that lack of commentary over the months ahead.

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A Successful #ElectoralCollege Vote – Or Civil War | #Trump

With a small minority of Electors taking what is a ceremonial position for casting a state’s official ballot and turning it into their own public display of narcissism and political ignorance, I found this blog voicing a growing fear I thought when I first heard about this blindingly stupid movement by certain people drunk on the power given to them by state legislatures.

They do not know what they are fucking with.

From, comes our nation’s ultimate nightmare. I thought the 2013 Civil War Scare was bad–this is just playing with fire and dynamite:

“Let me game out the very real, very possible reaction to this by all those deplorables that might, just might, not take it very well being told voting was for naught and to get back in line.

Assuming enough of the electorates overturn the popular vote in their states, it makes the enormous brick thrown through the window of the establishment by a majority of states all for naught. To say many would be displeased is an understatement of rather epic proportions. Let us frame it in a different light:

The people you just told to go pound sand on average purchase enough firearms in three months to outfit the Russian and Chinese front-line troops.

Every. Three. Months.

Those guys who were entrusted to go become experts at fighting insurgents and came home to better quality small arms in the private sector than they were issued, carved an entire market out of teaching what they learned from Uncle Sam to people with the coin and and the desire…

I’m an eternal optimist, but I don’t believe silencing and stripping the votes of the opposition, who own the vast majority of the 400-600M firearms in the US, bodes well for anyone…

I hope by now you have a sense of why this road leads to something far worse than anything Trump could ever accomplish in four years. I can empathize with you, and do not mistake my plea for sanity as tacit approval of him.

I don’t care about the person, I care about the office, and the process. A government who demands my taxes and obedience whilst stripping me of my duly elected representation is the casus belli enshrined in our Founding Documents.

Work to repeal the electoral college if you must, and hold the Trump administration accountable. However, do not resort to leaving the bounds of lawful governance in the vain hope of salvaging political setbacks. Because should you do so, it frees any and all obligations I posses to the government and becomes a nation of occupation.”

The faithless Texas elector identified elsewhere as indicating he will not cast his ballot as directed has money and mental problems, and should have never been chosen by the Texas Republican Party as an Elector. Someone in their leadership will have to answer for this monumental fuck-up.

None of us should close our eyes to this reality: if Donald Trump is denied taking office in January as a result of faithless electors abusing their position, we will be in a shooting war in 2017.

And the Establishment will not survive.

It will start out small, and grow as fast as a Kansas prairie fire in the height of the dry season. It will consume every part of this nation by the time it is finished, much like Sarajevo’s tragedy consumed all of Europe 100 years ago.

We DO NOT want this.

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The God-Emperor Ascendant #Trump

I have no idea where the “God-Emperor” meme started on the Internet, but I love it! Applying all of this to Donald Trump, the glitzy man of the 1980s, is reductio ad absurdum at its finest.

Well, as I predicted, Trump would win the 2016 general election. It was the unseen rural vote and the unbelievable enthusiasm shown for him by millions of otherwise politically indifferent voters that changed history. And once I saw the empty rallies of the poorly run Clinton campaign and the 180-degree difference of the Trump mass rallies, I knew how Election Night would go.

Now, the poor man has to run this place. That I do not envy.

I believe I will try for a job in his administration. Being part of this unbelievable history would be quite exciting. Heck, perhaps some of the ideas I’ve written below might just find an official place in the Trump Administration.

But first, #Pizzagate has to be addressed. Man, when I first came across this atrocity a few weeks ago, it was just too fantastic to be believed. Now, it’s an 5th Estate, Alt-Media industry that threatens the stability of existing world institutions. Amazing what has changed in just one month.

Here are some links to this incredible and disgusting tale, the end of which has yet to be written.

Main research site:
Synopsis site:
Synopsis site:
Synopsis site:
Synopsis site:
Former HuffPo’s David Seaman’s synopsis videos:

All most likely labeled “fake news” sites by the increasingly irrelevant MSM. They really are at the end of their corporate run when they come up with silly rejoinders such as “fake news.” Whatever; the sooner the legacy MSM goes away the better this world will become.

Let’s hope none of this devolves into a shooting war in the United States. The Establishment, to protect itself, is capable of engineering such vileness to mask its crimes.

12/4 update: Well, this entire story got even weirder, if that was possible: some nut from North Carolina just shot up the pizza shop. Thankfully, no casualties, but lots of police presence on that block of Connecticut Avenue N.W.

This should either “fire up the crazies,” as John McCain once said, or it will provide an either more public dimension to this odd-as-heck story. Which the end of it is still being written, as I wrote earlier.  Today’s incident is only one chapter.

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#Trump Keeps Going, Despite The Garbage Being Tossed At Him. #AltRight

I have to hand it to The Donald, he just never lets up.  It must be pure ego driving him now, because lesser men would have said, “Get stuffed, the lot of you!”

I must post more here, I know, I know.  Work, travel, life, etc.

Go check out Vox Day’s spot to find some much needed inspiration during dark times like today.

And get a load of the next political movement, just starting out: The Alt-Right.  It’s in the same inchoate mix that fascism was in the 1910-1915 period.  And it’s not fascism, it’s quite something else.  There are some parts of it that I do not like at all (e.g., the white supremacist stuff), but other parts…quite intriguing.  It has a ways to go before it goes mainstream, so it will continue to develop, and at the rapid pace brought on by the Internet.

But it is growing, there’s no doubt about that.

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