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Goodbye Bullpen, hello Fairgrounds

I had the chance yesterday to attend the Washington National’s baseball game versus Cincinatti (the Nat’s lost, 8-5).  Before the game, my friend and I usually enjoyed a cheaper beer at the nearby Bullpen, an informal enclosed area where beers … Continue reading

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Another #job search observation…frustration

I had an hour or two this Saturday afternoon, so I figured I would do some job searching for D.C. communications, public affairs, or writing jobs.  I found two online jobs which I submitted all the usual information–resume, background materials, … Continue reading

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What is ‘Lord of the Hundreds?”

Every blog needs a good name.  I enjoy cheeses, so I went through my book of British cheeses in hopes I would find some whimsical name that begged to be used on the Internet.  I found “Lord of the Hundreds” … Continue reading

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About this blog.

Five years ago, I stopped writing for my old blog, which shall remain nameless.  I just got tired of the need to constantly update posts, come up with interesting content, and given that I only had about 20 people a … Continue reading

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First post

This is the first post of the new blog, “Lord of the Hundreds.” There will be more to follow.  I hope.

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