About this blog.

Five years ago, I stopped writing for my old blog, which shall remain nameless.  I just got tired of the need to constantly update posts, come up with interesting content, and given that I only had about 20 people a day stumble upon it, it just wasn’t worth the effort.  Eventually some autotext engine took over the URL and filled it with prosaic news content, fashion tips, and a wealth of other dreck.  I haven’t been back since 2010.

So, why now create the blog “Lord of the Hundreds,” besides the need to use this clever name somewhere on the Internet?

I’m a frustrated writer who has been seeking work for the last 14 months.  Besides enjoying the time off from incompetent managers wasting my time with puerile requests and other time-wasting nonsense, I’ve been working like many others to find a new job.  My search is for a position somewhere in the Washington, D.C. area.  And it has been hard, much harder than I thought it would be.

There is something seriously wrong with the job market today.  Not just the usual whining about an unrealistic published unemployment rate, but in how jobs are filled. And it’s ridiculous, especially to intelligent and over-qualified people like myself.

During this Sisyphian search, I’ve noticed some interesting things going on with the D.C. job market.  They may or may not be indicative of a greater national trend, but I can’t help but think that this is replicated in every corner of our fair land.

And it’s beyond stupid.

So over the next week, I plan on posting a few observations about this important topic.  Perhaps it will cause the reader to think more about our economy and what is wrong with it in early April 2012.

More later…




About lordofthehundreds

Lord of the Hundreds is a traditional sheep's milk cheese from East Sussex, U.K. It's also the name of my blog. I'm a middle-aged writer living in the Washington, D.C. area., who enjoys creating and editing posts of interest. Perhaps you'll find a few interesting posts browsing through its pages. Also, you can find me at @lordofthehundreds on Twitter.
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