Another #job search observation…frustration

I had an hour or two this Saturday afternoon, so I figured I would do some job searching for D.C. communications, public affairs, or writing jobs.  I found two online jobs which I submitted all the usual information–resume, background materials, information about myself, etc.–with absolutely no expectation that it would be read by a human.

It’s frustrating.  One carefully crafts a cover letter, hitting all the right keywords used in the job description, and then sends it off to a black hole, hoping some idiot in the company’s human resources (HR) department bothered to read the job description in the same way that I did and use all the right ‘keywords’.

Forget that unlike 10 years ago a human being of some moderate intelligence level would review the resume, go “okay, this person seems like they know what they are talking about” and move the resume on to the next step, where a somewhat more qualified individual would look at it and conclude that you weren’t a complete idiot and worthy of a look.

Now we have these absolutely useless human resource programs that are designed to weed out 95% of the qualified candidates in order to give that initial HR idiot less work to do.

Think about it:  we Americans are destroying our economy by taking extremely qualified individuals like myself (college degree, 15+ years of real work experience) so some HR bozo has less work to do.

Theoretically these programs then allow this HR idiot to then focus on more work and less drudgery.  An admirable goal, but in a world called Planet Earth you know this never happens.  Instead of focusing on more work that might actually benefit a company, this low-grade moron now has more time for Facebook or Pinterest.

Again:  we are destroying our national economic growth potential so some low-grade moron in HR can goof-off at work.

The companies who supply these dangerous and timewasting HR resume programs should be investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice for economic crimes and indicted forthwith by Federal grand juries.  (In a perfect world, they would subsequently be found guilty and shot, but I can readily see the argument decrying such draconian punishment as a waste of resources.  Someone has to clean up toxic waste in Nevada; why not these idiots?  At least they’d be useful.)

I posit the novel argument that these resume sorting programs are a large and unexplored reason for the destruction of human capital in this country.  Remove ‘em from the labor equation, by legislative force if necessary.  Only then will you start to see the U.S. economy start to take natural advantage of the incredible wasted amount of valuable human resources found in every city across the United States and get ourselves back on track.


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