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Voters Get An Echo, Not A Choice. #election #Romney #Obama #Congress

“Voters get an echo, not a choice.” This piece by the knowledgeable and, frankly, brilliant Mr. Gary North is amazing.  As a 15-year political communications person, he captures the real workings of Washington, D.C., Congress, the regulatory state–and the Establishment–concisely … Continue reading

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Creepy #Bilderbergers Return To My Northern Virginia!

During the 2008 Presidential election, the notoriously secretive Bilderberger Group met at the Westfields Resort in Chantilly, Virginia, just about 15 miles away from where I live in northern Virginia. Having read for over 20 years many of the conspiracy … Continue reading

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#Propaganda Is Alive And Well in the U.S. of A

Good morning, all!  I am looking forward to another week of sending out resumes and hearing nothing back.  I live in an area that brags on the news that they have the lowest unemployment rate in the state.  It’s complete … Continue reading

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#Indiana Restores Right of Self-Defense, Will This Save #Daniels ‘s VP Chances?

Last May, the Indiana Supreme Court shot down Gov. Mitch Daniels’s chance to become Romney’s Vice President.  The idiotic, self-centered egomaniacs on that state’s highest court actually ruled 3-2 that Indiana citizens did not have the right to defend themselves … Continue reading

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Helsinki, #Finland ‘s Contribution To Cleverly Enjoying Life: The #Sporakoff Beer Tram

I love watching Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations program on the Travel Channel.  Secretly, I want to be him.  Writing, traveling, drinking, and doing it all on camera, on someone else’s dime.  Now that’s the life. Tonight’s (14 May 12) excellent … Continue reading

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#France’s Awkward New Political Boulevard, and the Return of #Vichy. #nationalfront

France’s far right has always interested me.  At one time, it was a strong force in the Fourth Republic, but really had its heyday during the uncomfortably remembered Vichy regime of the 1940s.  And we all know how that one … Continue reading

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Same-Sex #Marriage: What A Stupid Decision Point, But There It Is.

I caught this morning Pat Buchanan’s most recent commentary on Obama’s hand being forced by Vice President Biden’s most recent “Joe Bomb” on supporting marriage for gay men and women. Snicker…I really like Joe Biden.  He alone in the political … Continue reading

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