#Romney Wins, 55-45 pct, Says Dick #Morris.

My love-hate relationship with Dick Morris goes back 15 years.  I first encountered him when he was an advisor for President Bill Clinton, and I was just a new staffer working for a very prominent national civil rights association.  I really despised Morris because he was unerringly right.  Not just a little right–his accuracy was dead on, and my conservative political id combined with my granite-sound logical deductions could not stand that diacotomy.

But once Morris left President Clinton’s employ–after the fool physically beat up Morris in some emotional tirade–he really came into his own as a political analyst.  I now enjoy hearing Morris’s analysis about where things are going in American politics.  Especially so since my job search is leading me back to the world of politics, something I thought I gave up two years ago.

In this astute analysis, Morris has Romney beating Obama on a 55-45 pct split.  I think Morris is right on, given that the economy is not going to get better by November and the average voter needs someone to blame for their economic distress.

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My apologies for the lack of updates.  Since starting this blog two weeks ago, I have not added it to my personal list of things to do each day.  I have a job interview next week for a Web/communications position in D.C. and am excited about that, but until I get an offer, my job search has to come first.  Damned savings are really getting low.

And yes, I also asked a close friend who knows the Romney team to shop them my resume.  I know, the Governor was not my first, or second, or third choice, but my man Paul, and also Gingrich, just did not have what it took to win enough states.  I know a lot of Paul people will not vote for Romney right now, but I reasoned my support for Romney as this:

Given my long-time (12 years) support of Mr. Paul and his sound policies of Liberty and a strong U.S. currency, which candidate would be more likely to adapt some of Mr. Paul’s stances?  It certainly isn’t going to be our socialist Commander Zero.  This fight is manuevered forward by baby steps, and if one of those steps involves electing Governor Mitt Romney President of the United States, I would be a fool not to support his election this fall.  So…”Romney for President!  Yay, capitalism!”

If only former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson had a chance as the Libertarian candidate.  (He was my first choice.)  If I go work for the Romney campaign, I guess it would be wise to take my “Johnson for President” bumper sticker off my car…


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