Renting Armoured Vehicles to Demolish One’s House. #Awesome Fun.

Now this is a fun story.  With a concluding rant, of course.

Here is a whimsical CNN video about a Minnesota couple whose condemned house was taken down by a rented armored personnel carrier (APC).  The couple was facing forced condemnation by their city–the house was really a P.O.S.–so instead of hiring a boring old Caterpillar bulldozer, someone had the clever idea to go to their local Drive-a-Tank and hire an ex-British Army FV432 APC to make a couple of passes through it.

The 432 could do the job nicely; if you wish, you can pick one up for about US $10K if you wanted the same equipment.  Note:  Shipping costs may vary for hauling 15 tons of well-crafted British steel to these shores.

I just love the idea that a Kasota, Minn., businessman has a company where one can rent a tracked military vehicle.  And to gain some fun publicity for his company, he tosses out the creative idea to the homeowner in his town to let his company do the demolition work for them, and ask the local TV station to come in and film it.  Ergo, it winds up on the Web, I watch it here in Washington, and then blog about it.  Modern communications are simply wonderful, aren’t they?


But what a shame he has to go to England and spend his money at Witham Specialist Vehicles Ltd. instead of buying an equally solid American-made surplus APC like a M113 APC.  Our stupid laws forbid the U.S. Department of Defense from selling a surplus APC in similar condition in one uncut, non-“demilitarized” piece to Americans, but the British Ministry of Defense (MoD) has no problem selling these intact to their citizens, who then can sell them to Americans who legally import them (as I recall, via an ATF Form 6) to the United States.

It’s total madness on the part of our government.  And the ones responsible for this idiocy are below-the-toilet-rim Congressional staffers, the same unimaginative egomaniacs possessed by an undeserved lust for personal power whom I used to work with, who could not comprehend in their small, reptillian, psychotically damaged brains the concept of ordinary Americans doing useful and peaceful things with surplus military equipment like the FV432.

At one time we did, especially after the World Wars, but that all changed around 1960, once the Establishment got ahold of our political system and started to treat Americans like subjects, instead of the citizens we are by our birthright.

Today, military vehicle collecting is a big business.  These historic vehicles are worth a lot of money.  There are at least three publications out there that cater to this growing unique hobby.  The U.K.’s Classic Military Vehicles and Military Machines International lead the pack, and our own Military Vehicles Magazine lead the hobby’s information needs in the U.S.  (Of course the guns and cannons on the U.S. and U.K. vehicles do NOT work…don’t be a retard.)

But the small-brained idiots working today for the House and Senate Armed Services Committees and the other jurisdictional committees are so in the tank (ha, ha) with the Establishment and their own lack of trust of ordinary American citizens that these insecure bedwetters and their bullshit psychological projections smother what could be a useful source of income for the government and defense contractors looking for new business.

Complete, tiny, incompetent, cowardly, unintelligent, stupid morons.  That’s what they are…  Every.  Single.  One.  Of.  Them.

Little children should point at them and mock them every single day they are alive, for these staffers who “advise” their elected Members deserve nothing less.

Fire them all.



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