Repeal the #17thAmendment : #Lugar ‘s Defeat A Big Reason Why It Needs To Go.

I caught this intriguing  National Review discussion of why now-former Senator Dick Lugar (RINO-IN) welcome defeat last night in the Indiana primary is a prime example of why the 17th Amendment needs to be repealed.

As I’ve said before, senators no longer represent their states to Washington, they represent Leviathan to the states, handing out either goodies or punishments as their whim and the political winds dictate. Their primary allegiance is not to the voters back “home” but to their cloakroom colleagues (hence the “bipartisanship” fetish that is particularly virulent in the Senate) on Capitol Hill, and to the Beltway parasites who feed off them.

I have to admit, I did not think of this, and repeal of the 17th A is a litmus test for my support of any Republican candidate.  Texas Gov. Rick Perry was the only 2012 Republican presidential candidate who had the balls to publicly call for its outright repeal.

But NR is spot-on in describing the modern relationship between the House and Senate.

Since 1913, the Senate has not represented the states.  The “upper” body is now nothing more than an elitist version of the House, with the Senators dispensing Federal largess to the states, instead of what the Founding Fathers intended the body to be.

What is galling are the appropriations bills (or the ultimate omnibus bill) that puts strings on Federal aid to states in return for the states’ enacting Federal social policy.  I mean, really, would you ever think the Senators of the 19th century would have denied their states a dime in order to blackmail them into passing Federal laws that are blatantly unconstitutional or unwanted by state legislatures?

At least the House still attempts to represent its constituents.  The Senate does nothing but give Establishment scum like Lugar a place to wield nonsense like “bipartisanship” in exchange for screwing over their constituencies in a mad attempt to drink up power and inflate their worthless egos.

As I said during my time in the House, “The Senate is where good ideas go to die.”  The only good service the Senate renders anymore is the filibuster 60-vote threshold; other than that, it’s a pretty worthless deliberative body.  [Okay, Senate female staff are generally hotter than House women, but that’s just who gets hired by older male staffers.]

To fix the Senate:  Either dump the 17th A–or repeal large sections of the Constitution’s Article I.


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