The Apostate #Lugar Finally Loses to a Real #Republican.

Well, I am all too happy to read this morning that long-time Sen. Dick Lugar (RINO-IN) lost in a primary battle last night in Indiana.

I can’t be completely happy about his loss, however.  Despite how much he has voted against our Constitutional rights, and sold out the party on votes, he has been a good, strong voice in the Congress against nuclear proliferation, and a visionary in reducing the threat of nuclear weapons around the world.  For that he has my thanks and respect, something RINOs reflexively do not gain from me.

However, politics demands forward looking ideas, and the idea of nuclear proliferation peaked politically about 20 years ago.  And American politics today demands and deserves a large respect for our Constitution, something this Establishment fuck never really did.  Shit, he didn’t even bother with the basics, such as maintaining a residence in Indiana.  He lived in tony McLean, Virginia, at 7841 Old Dominion Road, since 1977 (!!), and only maintained his Indiana ties by staying in an Indianapolis hotel when he visited the state.  Talk about an out-of-touch old man…wow!  This clueless, arrogant Establishment drone got bit by the same Capitol Hill hubris that infected Members who thought they were above the little people–and are now currently serving time in Federal prisons.  Lugar’s stupid, but lucky.

Thankfully, the state Tea Party recognized that we Americans need relatively decent politicians like Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock casting consistently conservative votes in the Senate snakepit, and got him on the ballot–and won.

Perhaps Mourdock can continue the Lugar legacy of ridding our world of nuclear threats, but that’s probably too much to ask from a state treasurer and a provincial budget focus.  (I’ll wager that he gets hit by the hubris bug late into his first term, but that’s just me being cynical.)

Lugar is like a lot of the clueless Republican Establishment Senators from the Midwest, the former Sen. Bob Dole (RINO-KS) being the pre-eminent poster child of that disagreeable Republican half-breed category.  These idiots consistently could have cared less about our rights, our freedoms, and our Liberties, as long as the security state was fed and their obscene devotion to big government was satiated.  I am quite proud of my Republican Party for excoriating these sell-out sleazes over the past decade and electing solid, red meat conservatives and libertarians who will fight for our rights and a reduced government footprint–and tell the Socialist Left to fuck-off.

Lugar lost me when he cast a significant vote against the Second Amendment in 1993.  Apostasy on that important topic is unforgivable.  So I have been waiting for this happy news for 16 years.

Bye, bye Dick.  Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.


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