#Indiana Restores Right of Self-Defense, Will This Save #Daniels ‘s VP Chances?

Last May, the Indiana Supreme Court shot down Gov. Mitch Daniels’s chance to become Romney’s Vice President.  The idiotic, self-centered egomaniacs on that state’s highest court actually ruled 3-2 that Indiana citizens did not have the right to defend themselves against rogue cops.

Their ridiculous reasoning was that since courts exist to handle these kinds of disputes, Indiana citizens no longer needed to shoot cops who were going beyond the law.  ‘We live in modern times,’ these bleating, moronic bozos actually had the nerve to put into an opinion.

When I read this, I thought, “I’m not surprised one bit that elitist judges, so incompetent that they are almost living in another world, would render this decision using reasoning so convoluted and obscene as to make one puke.  Thank God I live in Virginia, where you have the right to empty a friggin’ full 30-round AR-15 magazine into those attacking your home.  Of course, Virginia law enforcement are generally pretty good eggs, so it’s not something I would worry about living here in the South.”

But imagine my surprise when I read today that the Indiana legislature actually passed legislation overturning this travesty of justice!  Indiana Senate Bill 1 was passed by an overwhelming majority after a ton of Hoosiers complained about this bullshit decision, and Gov. Daniels actually saw the writing on the wall and signed it into law in March 2012.  This law, effective July 1, 2012, hands back the right of citizens to defend his or her home and property against unlawful entry by the police–using force if necessary.

But this decision restores Gov. Daniels chances to become the next Vice-President of the United States.  When the Supreme Court last May dropped this piece of shit, Daniels did nothing.  No statements condemning this disgusting decision, no outcry threatening impeachment–nuthin’.  And that pissed off a lot of people around the country, who suddenly saw this guy as a RINO sell-out, and would not back this asshole for dogcatcher.  “Fuck with my Constitutional and God-given rights to self-defense?  Fuck you, pal.  Enjoy the ride to mediocrity and political oblivion.”

Daniels and his advisors must have seen the writing on the wall and decided to back this bill.  The NRA and the state sheriff’s association–most likely a NRA-friendly law enforcement body–backed the bill, Daniels signs it with a unctious statement saying how law enforcement friendly it is, and suddenly the Governor is back on the A-list for the VP nod.

You had a lot of incompetent, ego-ridden Establishment fucks backing Daniels on his excellent budget stances, but these over-educated bedwetters have not Clue One on what motivates the American right-wing voter.  And jackasses, it’s not a budget reconciliation document or the lofty thrill that the U.S. Education Department is being defunded.

It’s the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Daniels is one smart politician for seeing that and actually doing something to change a B.S. decision attacking its fundamentals, I have to admit.  Perhaps he wouldn’t be that bad as Romney’s second after all…heck, as a right-wing former member of the gun lobby, I could now support him.

Wow.  Perhaps the Republic isn’t completely doomed after all.

Right.  Now to remind the Indiana courts that the legislature really is the most powerful body in the land:  Impeach the three bastards who signed their foul names to the majority opinion.  If they are that stupid, they aren’t smart enough to be on the bench.


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