Creepy #Bilderbergers Return To My Northern Virginia!

During the 2008 Presidential election, the notoriously secretive Bilderberger Group met at the Westfields Resort in Chantilly, Virginia, just about 15 miles away from where I live in northern Virginia.

Having read for over 20 years many of the conspiracy materials published about the Bilderbergers, I was surprised that the real hidden leaders of the world who normally meet for this event in some really top star exotic resorts in France, Switzerland, Spain, Morocco, and the Netherlands would show up at the…Westfields in Chantilly.

It’s kind of disappointing, actually.  I’ve had brunch in the Westfields, and while it’s a nice facility, it’s one of those late 1980s faux high-society buildings that popped up like weeds around D.C. when ostentatious wealth coupled with shoddy building techniques and brain-dead design was considered the high point of society.  The modern and discreet Gstaad Palace Hotel in Gstaad, Switzerland, it ain’t.

You would figure the real-world counterparts of all the James Bond villains would show some style and have their plotting meetings to destroy the world at some exotic locations, surrounded by lush greenery, high whitewashed walls, and platoons of submachinegun toting security guards, but instead they wind up at an upscale airport Marriott like the Westfields.  Well, I guess taking over the world nowadays by evil geniuses is more business than bling.  Such a shame, but there you have it.

Well, to my surprise, I guess the Bilderberger meeting planning staff (now there’s an interesting job!) liked the Westfields buffet back in ’08.  Believe it or not, the conspiracy party-train will be back at the Westfields on May 31 to June 3, 2012, paying Fairfax County and Virginia State Police overtime out the wazoo to keep the media and Bilderberger paparazzi from getting to close to our overlords’ plans.  And it looks like there will be a big, noisy Facebook demonstration to greet the guests, which should be an odd clash of worlds (social media airheads vs. the financial descendants of the Nazi SS).

What was so interesting about the last time they showed up in Fairfax County was the guest list.  Guess who made a discreet showing in June 2008, but never reported his visit in the media?  That’s right, our Commander Zero, Barack Obama.  The theory went that he needed to be vetted by the real world power to see if they could work with him to implement their foul plans.

I wonder who the surprise invited guest will be this time.  Maybe Mitt Romney?  According to this May 19 Politico story, Sen. Mark Rubio will be selected by (for?) Romney to be his VP running mate at this event.  But I bet our President will make a discreet appearance again, too…after all, he’s a big player now in this sandbox.

And Drudge will be all over this event.  Oh yeah, the Internet now makes these events a little uncomfortable for the psychopathic egomaniacs attending these yearly face-time gatherings for the world’s most powerful elite.  It all just makes me laugh…a bit of sunlight and all that.

Anyway, welcome back to Virginia, you power-hungry, recidivist National Socialists.  Don’t steal all the hotel’s clean towels.  They have more paying guests coming the week after you leave, crawling back under your rocks.

UPDATE:  Here is a Russia Today (btw, another novel disinformation source courtesy of the Russian SVR intelligence service) story about the Bilderberger’s reach into our American politicans’ minds.


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