Voters Get An Echo, Not A Choice. #election #Romney #Obama #Congress

“Voters get an echo, not a choice.”

This piece by the knowledgeable and, frankly, brilliant Mr. Gary North is amazing.  As a 15-year political communications person, he captures the real workings of Washington, D.C., Congress, the regulatory state–and the Establishment–concisely and adroitly in this piece.

Read it.  Here’s the link again.

This is a brilliant piece because it succintly captures exactly where we Americans have been, where we are now, and most importantly, where we will be soon.

If the federal government cannot increase the percentage of taxes that it collects from the American people, which it has not been able to do since 1947, there are distinct limits on the expansion of the federal government. We are not moving into a comprehensive tyranny. We are moving into a time in which the federal government is going to go bankrupt, and when it does, it will lose more power than it has ever lost since 1788. Bankrupt means bankrupt. Washington’s checks will bounce or else not buy much. Bankruptcy means the federal government will not be able to pay the bureaucrats. Bankruptcy means the federal government is going to shrink in its ability to interfere with our lives. This is the meaning of the Great Default.

We are surrounded by people who have little understanding of history. This includes spokesmen on the Right and on the Left. It surely includes the vast majority of voters in the middle.

Greece or Spain are going bottoms-up in a matter of months, if not weeks.  Anyone who is forethinking and knowledgeable about history and human behaviour can see that.  The Establishment–at least those who share a similar ability to get beyond their self-centered ego–know that as well, and are buying themselves, their brokers, and their asset managers time to shore up their wealth before the currencies of the West get trashed.  And once Europe implodes, we will be next, whether we like it or not.  And it will happen, despite the best planning efforts of DHS and the USG to contain the situation.

Ultimately, it will be up to state governments, county authorities, and individual decent citizens to rescue the day.  But that isn’t the narrative, as promulgated by the Establishment and the dying legacy media.

So much of what goes on is manufactured, by public affairs experts like myself, or the biases of one political class or another.  An honest person in this business is surprised when they find something unpredicted or unguided.  That’s why the November elections, as voters are pushed towards someone else’s political choices, are so interesting. There is mass delusion by the average voters about the system, but it seems, thanks to the Internet, that is quickly changing.

Seeing the emperor’s new clothes as what they are in a mass communications society has been a fascinating journey, but this E-ticket ride ain’t over yet.

Living in Washington, with infrequent trips to Europe, gives me a ring-side seat to this nonsense, and as well, seeing everyday the small-minded, ego-ridden idiots who will be held responsible for this massive fuck-up.  I just hope I can get a decent job soon in an in-demand private industry to weather the storm.

And like any storm, as Mr. North’s article predicts, once it passes the weather beyond its storm clouds is usually gorgeous.

It’s the Sturm und Drang before the sunshine that makes history so unpredictable…and so friggin’ interesting.


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