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Wow, That’s A Lot of #Gold. #GoldenLily #AntiGravity #shtf

So, I am leaving for central Europe in two days.  In order to make the seven hour plane ride useful and enjoyable, I picked up a book recommended in the comments section of a post on Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s … Continue reading

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Noooo!!! Anthony #Bourdain’s Awesome “No Reservations” Show Coming To An End?! #CNN

Oh, this news just sucks very, VERY large donkey balls. My favorite show on TV–actually, the ONLY show I watch regularly on TV–is coming to an end early next year.   Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, the only intelligent show on TV … Continue reading

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U.S. #BankHoliday Information: Cash Will Be King For A While

Caught this fascinating analysis on The world is on now on the brink of a global credit crisis that could be far worse than the tumultuous events of 2008. The ongoing sovereign debt crisis in the southern reaches of … Continue reading

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#UFO Spotted on DC Beltway. Well, It Does Fly, Kinda…

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw this Fox DC news report about a “UFO” being spotted on the I-495 Beltway surrounding D.C. “Okay, I’ll bite,” I thought to myself when I clicked on the Drudge link.  So there … Continue reading

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#Euro End Game Being Planned: Border Controls – Can You Believe It?

The information about the upcoming Euro collapse and the preparations the elites are taking to preserve their booty–and more importantly, their power–are there, if you look for them. From Germany’s Der Spiegal news magazine, 20 April (how ominous a date … Continue reading

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