#UFO Spotted on DC Beltway. Well, It Does Fly, Kinda…

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw this Fox DC news report about a “UFO” being spotted on the I-495 Beltway surrounding D.C.

“Okay, I’ll bite,” I thought to myself when I clicked on the Drudge link.  So there I was, on the Fox page, and to the net’s credit, they at least had some photos snapped by people with cell phones.  This was the best one I could find:

As you can tell, there looks to be a not-so-vaguely looking, old-fashioned flying saucer on the back of this Kenworth rig.  And it’s pretty big and round, I have to admit.

Where the hysterics began for me was clicking on the 911 call about this truck.  Yeah, someone called 911 to report a flying saucer was on the Beltway.

Shaking my head, all I have to say is:  What.  An.  Idiot.

Really, what did the clueless young man expect the Prince Georges County police, or the Maryland State Police to do?  Pull this government contracted hauling company vehicle over and confiscate the craft?  On what charge?  “A government cover-up?”  Yeah, I don’t think they have that charge in the Code of Maryland.  Hauling a uninspected aircraft on Maryland highways?  Yeah, I can see the “national security exemption from all FAA rules” stamped all over the trucker’s paperwork.  Plus, it’s not like it’s flying in the air…

Turns out the Air Force was letting the Navy borrow a sinister-looking X-47B drone for testing at nearby Patuxent River NAS, and hired this tractor-trailer to drive it across the country.  But only in D.C. would some bozo call 911 and make this a news story.

People are so friggin’ stupid at times, especially when it comes to sensitive national security topics.  If the government has covered up the existence of UFOs for the last 60 years, does the average bonehead American now expect that the same government would shrink-wrap the alien craft and transport it across the country on I-40 and I-395, expecting that the average American was too stupid to realize it?

Uh, perhaps one shouldn’t answer that question…one might not like the answer.  Sigh.

Plus, as anybody knows, double convex flying saucers are obsolete 1940s and 1950s technology.  No super-secret government program flys those old Hanuebu disks anymore.  The latest incarnation of UFOs are large silent triangles, hovering over small Midwest towns, giving the crews some well-deserved chuckles as they once again make the late night History Channel programs.

And for total fun, have two DHS agents show up at the young man’s house and confiscate the cameraphone, just to F with him.  Snicker…


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