Noooo!!! Anthony #Bourdain’s Awesome “No Reservations” Show Coming To An End?! #CNN

Oh, this news just sucks very, VERY large donkey balls.

My favorite show on TV–actually, the ONLY show I watch regularly on TV–is coming to an end early next year.   Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, the only intelligent show on TV besides his other show, The Layover, announced on 29 May that the show is ending on Travel Channel after eight seasons.  He’s moving over to CNN in early 2013 to do a weekend show on exotic travel.

Here’s the Hollywood Reporter story details this disastrous and unwanted news:

The chef, author and media personality will get his own program on the cable news network in early 2013. He’ll become the marquee personality in CNN’s efforts to broaden its lifestyle programming especially during the weekend hours.

No Reservations is in its eighth season on Travel, where Bourdain also writes a popular blog. A spinoff series The Layover recently began production on season two. New episodes of both shows will continue to air into 2013….

Bourdain’s untitled CNN program will air Sunday evenings and repeat on Saturdays. It will follow a similar format to No Reservations, according to Mark Whitaker, CNN Worldwide executive vp and managing editor. But with the support and apparatus of an international news organization behind him, Bourdain will be able to visit even many more global hot spots.

“I think he’s been a little bit frustrated,” Whitaker told The Hollywood Reporter. “He’s gone to a lot of places at the Travel Channel but there are some places that he hasn’t been able to go.”

Well, at least The Layover will continue for another season.  I like that show concept very much. But I could see changes coming to No Reservations about a year ago, once The Layover started.  Every show and job gets tiring after seven years, and I could see No Reservations getting to the point where they might have been stretching on story ideas.  Plus, he’s on the road for 250 days a year, and that’s a lot.

I didn’t care that the show might be getting a little long in the tooth.  He has a wonderfully pain-in-the-ass way of looking at the world, something I admire.  I sometimes come home and just pop into the DVD player one of his NR or Layover shows, just because I love to watch it, regardless of how old it is.  (Guess I need to finally get NR Seasons 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8 on DVD now, huh?)

Tony Bourdain on CNN.  Now that is going to be strange. Well, when he reports from Somaliland that the food in Hargeisa is actually pretty good and still manages to go out and get drunk on camera, I think I can find my way to CNN on a Sunday night.

But I hope he realizes the corporate environment at CNN is different from the Travel Channel.  Hopefully the CNN management doesn’t pull a “Pig Vomit” move as from the Howard Stern movie and try to change a formulae that really works.  “Double-uwe…NNN- B-C!”

And if they do, I hope Tony will just tell the suits at CNN to fuck off.  But I think CNN is desperate enough to try a renegade like Bourdain on a weekend travel show in hopes that viewers like me will watch the Clinton News Network.

Shit…I will.  Dammit, I hate it when these worthless legacy media types suck a conservative viewer like me in.

CNN...don’t fuck with this.  Let me say it again:  Do not fuck with this.  You have a winner just the way it is.  The second one of those insane, deranged TV ego news executive types–and I used to work with those mental defectives so I know them very well–tells Tony not to do a Jaegermeister shot on camera because it, in this person’s high-pitched, whiney, fag voice, “it doesn’t fit the corporate image,” I hope he punches that worthless, small-dicked, cowardly CNN asshole right in the throat.

CNN, you fuck this one up, it’s the end of the network.  Really.  There’s no reason to watch you now, so give Bourdain a lot–and I mean, A LOT–of latitude in what he does.

In fact, CNN, just fuck off and let him do his stuff.  Keep your asshole opinions and braindead suggestions to yourself.   I mean, really…Piers Morgan?!  WTF were you thinking?!

Oh…and Travel Channel?  This may have been the dumbest decision you have ever wreaked on yourself. It’s McLean Stevenson, post-MASH bad.  Really.  It’s that fucking bad.


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