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So, I am leaving for central Europe in two days.  In order to make the seven hour plane ride useful and enjoyable, I picked up a book recommended in the comments section of a post on Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s Website.

Farrell alerted me about two years ago to a series of curious stories originating in 2009 with the seizure in Italy of supposedly-fake bearer bonds in the tune of an incredible $500 BILLION dollars.

Okay, I thought, sure, someone is trying to pass off a bunch of forgeries.  One of the reasons I have all of Dr. Farrell’s books is that he has a very deductive mind, and at the same time, a very open one.  He likes to speculate, within the parameters of the story presented, and those speculations can be to the edge of reason and facts.  Hardcore knowledge, indeed.  But I always take it with just a grain of salt.  One grain.

It’s the rest of the story that is just so tasty, and what draws me back for more.

So, back to our story.  Over the past four years, more of these fake US bearer bonds have emerged.  And from these obscure news stories came the even more incredible story about the Golden Lily.  The Golden Lily was a secret Japanese looting program from World War II, I discovered.   I had never heard of it before.  And from that bit of interesting info, came my purchase of the book “Gold Warriors: America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold.”  The reviews about it said it was tbe best overall history and synopsis of the whole sordid story.  So, I started reading it, figuring it would be an entertaining story of a supposed gold horde found in the Philippines.



The authors, Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, have done an amazing amount of detective work into what happened with the golden war booty of Imperial Japan.  And it seems, how that ocean of gold affects us today.

In short, Imperial Japan, through the most brutal methods possible, gathered together an incredible amount of the gold:

1) amassed by Korea over 2,000 years

2) amassed by China over 5,000 years

3) amassed by Vietnam, Burma, and Siam over at least 3,000 years

…and hauled it to be sorted and stored in the Philippines and Japan.  Unfortunately, the Allied forces invasions in 1944-45 caused this gold to be hidden by the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) in both places.  Over the last 70 years, large portions of this gold has been surreptitiously recovered by the U.S. Government, and other parties–including the Japanese government–and used as the world’s biggest hidden slush fund.  Or so the Seagraves have written.

Okay, let’s take this as the truth, for the most part. (For the record, the Seagraves convinced me.  Having worked in politics for 15 years, I know the psychopaths who would be behind this kind of thinking, and they do exist, since I personally worked for or witnessed this insanely destructive behavior.)

Now, in true Dr. Farrell style…let’s combine this with Nick Cook’s excellent book Hunt for Zero Point.  In it, Cook has discovered enough evidence that the USG possesses in some form anti-gravity technology, first discovered by the Nazi SS in mid-1943 and used to power flying saucers and the like.  Anti-gravity knowledge is linked to zero-point energy technology, which is essentially free energy pulled from the energy surrounding all of us.  If you can come up with a way of harnessing that, than you don’t need oil, solar, wind, nuclear, natural gas, or coal anymore.

Think about what both these books mean, if true:

1.  The amount of gold Imperial Japanese forces amassed from 5,000 years of Asian gold acquisition is incredible.  The book author’s estimate from several locations, over 280,000 metric tons of gold has been recovered and hidden in financial institutions around the world.  (For comparison, the US has only admitted it has about 8,000 tons in Fort Knox.  And just 32,000 tons is estimated by GATA to be held by all central banks.  Overall, about 170,ooo tons are estimated to exist officially everwhere in central bank deposits, jewelry, teeth, computers, etc. But no one knows for sure–gold is a mystical secret dream-metal to us humans, and people will lie through their teeth to protect their own hunk of yellow riches.)

Now drop in almost TEN times new gold as money, and that $1,700 per ounce today drops to $170 per ounce.  Ouch.  And there is a lot more.  The secret funds set up by the USG after World War II scavenged their value off the legitimate gold market.  And since no one knows just exactly how much gold there is in the world being held by banks and everyone else, a couple of hundreds of tons of extra new gold each year would not be noticed.  Rinse and repeat over seventy years, and you start to get some serious deflation of gold’s value if the big banks ever released this gigantic shiny mass to the open gold market.

2.  If our current fiat (worthless) currency goes flat, something’s gotta replace it, and the form most mentioned is a re-established gold standard.  Now, if there is TEN times the amount of gold in existance as to what we currently think, that is going to be some serious devaluation of known gold reserves when the SHTF.  Something will have to take its place, something like…oil.  And oil has served as the strategic commodity backing the dollar since the 1970s.

3.  But if our overlords possess some amazing technology like anti-gravity, which has the added attraction of being comprised of zero-point energy technologies, than any materials substitution of oil for gold as a determinant of value becomes worthless, too.

4.  So, in short, if we have too much gold, there is no value assigned to our possessions or material gains, other than its own worth in barter, and if there is unlimited free energy in the form of zero-point energy machines and we don’t need oil anymore…than we’re seriously screwed.  Or more likely, those currently deriving their wealth from gold and oil.  Which are a lot of powerful people and governments.  And in a way, these two unpleasant things also affect our world’s stability.

Wow…looks like it’s time to buy more ammo and food for when this whole thing topples over.  Thankfully, the only wealth I seemingly have is my health, and the ability to shoot very accurately at up to 600 yards.

Gold Warriors and Hunt for Zero Point.  Two powerful books indeed.  I highly recommend them to my readers.  You will not be disappointed with the stories within.

As for the bogus US bearer bonds, it looks like they were deliberately created by the USG to rip off those depositing this massive amount of wealth in banks for safekeeping.  Yeah, I can see that happening.  Sucks to be so trusting, but then again, enormous amounts of wealth breed some strange reactions from people, especially those so weak as to do anything to hold onto immense material validation of their own short lives.


Anyway, I have a job interview when I get back.  Hopefully in some small way my labors will be rewarded with a new job when I get back from Slovakia.  And I won’t have to worry about that etheral $100M check I have always dreamed about receiving in the mail…just because I am a clever guy.


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