I Just Returned From Europe…Absolutely Fantastic, As Usual. #LoveEurope

I got back a day or so ago from central Europe.  I had the chance to visit Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Italy.  I’m getting caught up on life back in D.C., so please excuse the absence of posts.

Croatia was absolutely wonderful.  I’d move there in a second.  I highly recommend it as a holiday destination.  It was a Slavic Italy, but cheaper and not entirely overrun by tourists.  The roads were first-rate, with the brand new autocesta superhighways the best in Europe.  And the women there…oh wow, were they beautiful.  Just my type:  tall, willowly, dark hair, fair skin…and confident.  And as a bonus, decent speakers of English. I wish I would have met more of them.

More later…that jet lag is catching up to me tonight.  Damn, I have not felt this tired in months.



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