A Curious Defense of the Weird Side of the #Establishment

Now this is an intriguing side of the Establishment that they don’t want you to see, or know about.

A Federal judge has tossed out a lawsuit filed against Yale University by Indian activists over the tale that Yale’s super-secret Skull and Bones Society stole the skull of tribal legend Geronimo around 1919 by George H.W. Bush’s father.  Yes, that Bush.

Story link here.

And here is the curious section to focus upon:

District Judge Richard W. Roberts said he dismissed the case because the plaintiffs had failed to establish why immunity should be waived in this case. He also said that the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), under which the prosecution was suing for ownership of the remains, only applies to burials, grave robberies and other incidents that took place after it was passed in 1990 — making the act irrelevant to this case.

But Clark said he does not think Roberts is correct on this last point.

“It doesn’t seem like that act would have much relevance if it cut off everything before that date,” Clark said.

Soverign immunity issues aside–the Government can always toss that in to stop any lawsuit, especially if the judge is a member of the same Establishment and wants to defend class priviledges–but the NAGPRA reference is completely illogical, and makes the whole decision suspect.

Why toss that in unless you know you need additional points to submarine this exploration of the weird side of the Establishment?  Desperation to stop this discovery process, would be my first thought.

Researching Judge Robert’s background would be the first step to further discovery of this odd decision.  I’d wager that he has some kind of connection to Yale and its secret societies.

Or he is too clever by half and introduced this bogus reason to force the plaintiffs to further pursue this case, thus exposing the Establishment to more scruitny–and avoid any problem himself by the Establishment and their thugs.  Who knows his real reason?  But it’s not important.

To discover that Geronimo’s skull is actually in the Skull and Bones’ playhouse would be a blockbuster news event, for this reason:

If that strange story of theft is true about Skull and Bones, what else is true about this bizarre side of the Establishment’s strange elite personnel selection methods?  And what else is true of the motives, outcomes, and plans eminating from this occult behavior of our superclass leaders?

Answer:  practically everything.  And that’s why this clever, politically correct lawsuit was quashed.

I hope the Indians–and their mountains of casino wealth–continue the chase.  It would be a delicious reward for all the injustice Native Americans have suffered from this elite class over the past 200 years.  “Stick it to ’em.”

UPDATE:  So, how many of you noticed this story was from August…2010?  Hiding something this big in plain sight on the Internet for two years is amazing, isn’t it?

Yes, Virginia, there are big secrets out there that only the clever and connected know about.  And the answers are there if one just bothers to take the time to find them…



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