Brilliant Strawman Deception from #Obama About His Real Father! #dreamsfrommyrealfather

When the Obama birth certificate controversy first emerged, I paid some cursory attention to it, figuring it was worth at least a little time to see if there was anything to it.  You never know what is out there, and it’s always entertaining to see how an argument is constructed.  Most of the time it’s piss-poor, put together by emotional dwarfs whose own intelligence is down in the imbecile levels.

Most of what I read about the Obama birth controversy was based on paranoia, and the incontrovertible fact that most people are idiots when it comes to chain-of-events. However, there was something to the story, found within the nonsense blathering of retards and morons.  And that what was intriguing.

I found the only evidence worthwhile coming from the WorldNetDaily Website, where at least there was a modicum of real news fact-checking, especially when it came to Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham.  And this fact stuck out in my mind:  Ann left for Seattle less than a month after little O came into this world to attend classes at the University of Seattle.  That was proven through official records.

No mother is going to leave the father of her child that early, unless there is something else happening.  That fact alone told me that the Obama-Dunham marriage was a sham, and that there was something more to President Obama’s origins that what was being told.

What was also strange was the fact that no Hawaii hospital had a record, or claimed ownership, of the President’s birth.  And to those who say he was born in Kenya, I always said that when your meticulous research can establish the fact that his mother traveled there sometime in 1960 or 1961, prior to or during her nine-month pregnancy, than perhaps there is something to it.  But that bit of very important detail has never been discussed, let alone proven.  There are no travel records, passport records, photos of her trip to East Africa, records of her return, etc.  Not even a hint of them.  Omission of a very important part of a story is itself a part of the discussion, as any intelligence analyst can tell you.

So Ann Dunham did not give birth in Kenya.  But where in Hawaii did she deliver the baby?  We know there were birth announcements a week later stating that Obama Sr. was the father.  But the birth itself may not have been in a hospital, which women have avoided for thousands of years and still managed to do it.

And there are too many reasons as to why the birth certificate has caused such controversy.  Nothing makes sense about it, and it should be a straighforward “yes, it was issued in August 1961” or “no, it wasn’t.”

So the Birthers do not have the full story, because the facts were just not adding up, and they were heavily speculating on every frequency available.  And the reason for that is that the whole Kenyan-birth angle is a strawman argument, set up by parties unknown to disguise the real truth of Obama’s origins. 

The more avenues being explored, the less the chance the right road is taken.  Hide amongst the massive clutter of nonsense and stupid arguments.

Clever, clever!  Handled like a true intelligence operation, I must say.

It looks like Obama’s real father is not the Barack Obama Sr. of Kenya, who was convinced to be registered as the father to hide the real man Ann messed around with at age 18.

The real father of Obama was Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist Party USA’s chief propagandist.

CPUSA.  McCarthy hearings.  Marxist subversion.  Communist propaganda.  I mean, really, could this story now be any more delicious?!  Oh, my studies of the House Un-American Activities Committee are all coming back–and are they useful!

It’s like the 1950s all over again–but it’s happening in 2012!

Here is the full-page ad taken out in the New York Post by the group that discovered this amazing story.

Here is the Website ( established by the group to promote their DVD and the facts behind the case.

And…incredibly…here are the bondage photos taken of Ann at that time.  She was a saucy little one, I have to admit.  And the research to find semi-illicit vintage magazines like the ones illustrated take a lot of time and luck–these kinds of things are not archived in the Library of Congress.  Ann, most likely breaking out from her stifling Kansas background, went a little wild in Hawaii.   Getting a little wild sometimes leads to lots of sex, especially in the holiday season of 1960, when everyone is getting a little drunk or high, and we all know what can happen then:  crying bundles of not-so-welcome joy showing up nine months later.  Nature finds a way.

And all this is a simple explanation of what really happened–unwanted pregnancy with a young girl by a married Communist agent during a 1960 Christmas party, cover up by a Kenyan student wanting to stay in the States, a sham marriage to make it appear legal, Ann’s sudden travels to move on with her life and leave the wild days behind–than anything complicated put together over the last five years by the Birthers.  It’s more plausible.

This is an amazing development.  Let’s be honest about what we know now:  Cells of the official CPUSA successfully managed to stage a long-term, subversive attack on the United States and our highest leadership institution.  The fuckers did it.  They really did it.  If the Soviet Union was still around, they’d be proud of their ideological brothers in the States for pulling this one off.  I mean, I’m impressed!

To sum up where we are today, a good quote from the Dreams of My Real Father Website:

Dreams from My Real Father makes the case that the Communist Party USA propagandist was both Obama’s biological and ideological father, and likely indoctrinated Obama in Marxism during his formative years.

Someone has already beat me to the indoctrination angle.  And so did the FBI.

And if one wants to be completely speculative, Obama’s meteoric rise after a dismal high school career was assisted by 1970s era CPUSA sympathizers at Columbia University and Harvard University, who knew that this young man was being heavily promoted by Frank Davis, someone the admissions department or faculty members clandestinely agreed with.  It could also explain the origins of Obama’s Connecticut Social Security number, although that one may have come out of his grandmother’s employment in a Hawaii state health office around 1977.

The conspiracy on this one goes deep, deep, deep, my fellow Americans.

What still remains unexplained is the fake birth certificate released by the White House in April 2011.  A story from WND reports that an Israeli science Website is calling the document a forgery, but that’s old Bibi just using the Mossad to stir up controversy right now to pressure the White House into attacking Iran on the Israeli’s behalf.

If Davis was Obama’s father, than why release a badly done PDF forgery?  I mean, did the White House screw up and just hire some clandestine graphic artist who was a PDF amateur, just to keep the strawman story alive?  Or is this some kind of operation being conducted to eventually discredit the Birther/conservative movement in some larger way?

Is the cover-up now worse than the crime?  That’s how a lot of Washington stories end up burning the parties involved.

And Obama’s arrogance?  Shit, I would be as arrogant as him if I knew the biggest secret in modern history:  a Marxist made it into the Oval Office, and he’s getting away with it.  And 100 million voters are too stupid to realize it.  That’s power.

Isn’t this absolutely amazing?  We have a real life, Manchurian Candidate Marxist subversive occupying the highest office in our land.

So, if the United Stated Armed Forces wants to stage a coup d’etat anytime soon to remove President Obama from office, I’m not going to stand in the way.  In fact, I’ll be more than happy to stand alongside Constitution Ave. N.W. as the Bradley M2 APCs and Abrams M1A1 tanks roll by to wave a placard congratulating them for their fortitude and patriotism.  Lord knows the socialists in Congress won’t do squat, especially in the Senate, and the House is too squeamish–and too exhausted–to devote staff time to this, two months before the election.

Let’s all hope this video, and other like it–especially the fine mainstram ones from Citizens United–get a LOT of airplay over the next 60 days.  We Americans kicking this Marxist infiltration agent out of office with just our votes would be a lot more satisfying than the U.S. Army doing it.

We live in amazing times.  What an interesting way to remember September 11th!


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