1980 Botched Assassination Plot Against Libyan Leader Comes To Light #libya

Now here is a fascinating assassination plot against the late Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi that took place in June 1980 and has only come recently to light with the opening of Libyan state archives.

Full story here.

And what makes this so fascinating is that it opens up a chapter into the covert world of state-sponsored assassinations.  It looks like the French air force mistakenly shot down a civilian Italian airliner instead of Qaddafi’s private jet, with the help of NATO and U.S. military forces, and then all parties proceeded to cover up the whole sordid mess for the next 32 years.

Now, I can’t blame the U.S. and NATO leadership for trying to wipe out Qaddafi in 1980.  Heck, if it worked, I’d be proud of them.  But when they bollocks up this one so badly, and then proceeded to use their covert assets to cover-up this massive fuck-up by murdering witnesses, that’s when things started to get weird.

For that means there exist deep covert units under national Western authorities’ command that do things like perform wet jobs, and probably everything else unaccountable under the sun such as break-ins, forgery, drug sales, etc.  But this shouldn’t be any surprise–these kinds of nefarious clandestine units exist and have existed under dictatorships since the beginning of time.  It would have been folly for our Western intelligence branches to ignore this basic action unit as well.  Looks like they didn’t.

But now that the story is out, it will be soon apparent to anyone with half a brain that this doesn’t pass the moral sniff-test needed to keep a government clean for the boobous citizenry.  And as the Reagan Administration learned in the 1986-87 era, these kind of Realpolitik paramilitary units just don’t withstand public scrutiny and always stain the political administration, sometimes fatally at the ballot box.

The idiots that run these kinds of covert programs don’t care about things like that, but when you are a morally bankrupt psychopath, than that thought probably never occurred to you anyway.  That’s why these people are called “idiots.”

And one has to wonder about the leadership that would have followed this kind of action course anyway.  Shooting down a dictator, yes, a good thing; murdering witnesses who saw just how stupid and inept you were in trying to do the right thing, a big, fat obvious NO.

And we call these mental midgets our “leaders.”  Is the big house in McLean and the ability to put your worthless prodgeny through an Ivy-League college worth it?  Sheesh.  What buttocks pushes people like this out into our world…


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