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Democracy Really Is Alive In America, Thanks To Russian Intellligence. #3partydebate #garyjohnson

I watched a very lively debate between four US Presidential candidates last night, the Free & Equal debate held in Chicago, Ill.  And this third party debate was much more interesting to watch and listen to than the talking point, … Continue reading

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The End of Print Media, And Why It Lingers. #socialmedia #failedleader

I normally don’t read Andrew Sullivan anymore; his Lefty rants were always based on a love of socialism or historical cluelessness, boosted by a self-absorption that bordered on delusional. However…he hits a solid three-base hit with his post today, “Out … Continue reading

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#Firearms From A Computer Printer? Online Mischef Times Ten. #guns

When I first heard two years ago about this 3-D printing technology emerging, I immediately thought about its application towards firearms manufacture.  The initial news reports I read were the 3-D printers were programmed to make tools out of plastic, … Continue reading

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