Democracy Really Is Alive In America, Thanks To Russian Intellligence. #3partydebate #garyjohnson

I watched a very lively debate between four US Presidential candidates last night, the Free & Equal debate held in Chicago, Ill.  And this third party debate was much more interesting to watch and listen to than the talking point, consultant-driven drivel that Gov. Romney and Commander Zero spouted off for three tedious evenings earlier this month in front of all of us politically interested Americans.

And it was good to see that others, such as the Examiner, thought that this third party debate was a open window of fresh air for our country, our freedoms, and our Constitution.  And the debate was moderated by Larry King, the same man who introduced Ross Perot to the nation in the 1992 Presidential election, causing the cantankerous Mr. Perot to garner 19 pct of the vote and cause Bush 41 to rightfully lose the Oval Office after he debased the Constitution.

But what made this debate even more interesting was the absolutely appalling coverage of it by what passes for the American media today.  C-SPAN–God bless ’em–covered it and did a nice job of it.  But the rest of the media that bothered to do their job of informing Americans of their political choices included a minor cable outlet ( and two stunning up-and-comers in the TV world:  Al-Jazeera English…and RT. 

RT. Russia Today Yep, that’s right.  Not a sign of a venerable American TV network such as CBS News or NBC News–or even CNN–at this debate.  No, we Americans are now dependent on receiving our complete political news from a Russian television network.  And a TV network that is rumored to have links to the Russian SVR intelligence service.

I like RT; I’ve even thought about working for them in their Washington studio.  They have a cutting-edge to their programming, a very eastern European flair that our stodgy nets just do not have.  But RT is showing this debate to gain credibility in the American news arena–and help subvert America by showing the parts of this nation that the “big” news services won’t show, but we Americans need to see in order to understand the Establishment and the other forces surreptitiously guiding our republic.  RT (and the SVR) is undermining the American Establishment, as foreign powers are wont to do, but this kind of issue expose is something that our US television and news outlets are supposed to be doing.  It just shows one how malignant the hold of the Establishment is over our nation.

Here’s a RT story today about a Russian parliamentary (Duma) inquiry into human rights abuses in the United States.  Thinks about that statement:  a Russian governmental body, the same that under the Communists had no problem operating the gulag system for 40 years after Stalin died, is now pointing out the problems with our American laws and how they affect human rights in the United States.  And what is completely galling is that the Duma report is right!

If only the victorious America of 1990 could see the pathetic America of 2012, and see the dark, subtle forces that now guide and shape the perception of our nation…sigh.


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