Now That The #Election Is Over, What’s Next? #fiscalcliff

Sorry for not posting much over the past month.  I have two jobs I am in contention for, and need one of them to come through for me.

So…Romney.  Yeah, that guy.  What happened?  I was looking forward to landing a Romney Administration public affairs job, and that dream exploded Election Night.  The drinking and massive headache did not help me contemplate that news that night.  I was glad it was over quick.

So…what’s next?  First, Congress and our…”President”…need to either figure out that each side gains more by going over the fiscal cliff, or if they are too afraid that if they do nothing, their own party will be blamed more than the other guy.

Remember, all this has already been signed into law, and knowing Congress as well as I do, they never like taking tough decisions.  It is easier to do nothing at all.

Ponder that.  So when taxes go up on 1 January for all of us–well, for all of you with full-time real jobs–and sequestration completely ravages the D.C. economy and the State of Virginia, remember, this is all the President’s fault for signing onto that budget deal back in 2011.  It will be interesting to see how the Rs flip this monkey onto Obama’s back. If they can.

Ultimately, it’s our fault for voting these bozos back into office.  Really, was Gov. Gary Johnson so bad?  Look at what we did to ourselves…


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