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Another Analysis Of A Stupid Idea And Its Unintended Consequences. #guns #postrebellion

In the same vein as my earlier analysis of any attempt to confiscate or register Constitutionally protected rights, I found this similar analysis on the Net. What you’ll see in the rebellion. The author predicts a military dictatorship, with a … Continue reading

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#Feinstein Is Nuts. Bonkers. A Hundred Fries Short of A Happy Meal. #guns #4GW #epicfail

Well, the wicked witch of the West finally went over the deep end.  She released a summary of the bill she’ll drop in the Senate on 3 Jan 13…and it’s a doozy of a disaster. It isn’t so much the … Continue reading

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David #Gregory is Toast. And A #Moron. #epicfail #guns #magazine #dclaws

I have to admitI laughed out loud once I saw the news articles about David Gregory’s epic fail on last Sunday’s Meet the Press, where this unthinking, hubristic moron displayed for all the Nation to see on television his possession … Continue reading

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A Ghastly State of Affairs…And The Potency Of A Single Word. #2013

It’s been over a week since that absolutely horrible school shooting event in ordinary Newtown, Conn.  How could such Evil visit such an benign location and touch such innocent, beautiful little boys and girls?  You’d think after the horrors of … Continue reading

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