A Ghastly State of Affairs…And The Potency Of A Single Word. #2013

It’s been over a week since that absolutely horrible school shooting event in ordinary Newtown, Conn.  How could such Evil visit such an benign location and touch such innocent, beautiful little boys and girls?  You’d think after the horrors of World War II and various Communist regimes we humans had our fill of that kind of Evil walking amongst us.

My heart and prayers go out to the families, and we in the nation should give them time to grieve.  They did not deserve something like this in their lives, and they will carry it for the rest of their time on Earth, much like an elderly former American solider still to this day relives certain violent small unit actions in the 1944 European theater of operations.

Of course, it’s understandable why gun control raises its ugly head once again.  And it’s natural to see why the citizens of various Left-leaning states would give up their arms.  The WaPo front page on Wednesday 19 December was breathtaking:  a big pile of about 1,100 rifles, shotguns and pistols voluntarily turned in by the disappointing citizens of Camden, N.J. who could not stomach the thought of firearms responsibility.  Yes, they are not toys, but in the right hands, tools of men.

And in the wrong hands, some of the worst possible implements imaginable.

That pile of firearms was interesting to look at.  I saw antique break-open single shot shotguns, a Krag rifle from about 1898, lever and civilian bolt-action rifles, a Carcano rifle from World War II, and two modern semi-autos:  a SKS rifle, and a black AK rifle.  I even saw a flintlock rifle in that pile.

These firearms were brought in by families looking to remove them from their homes.  I would wager that almost all the firearms I saw were either family heirlooms, such as World War II rifles brought back by their grandfathers, or obsolete shotguns, or rifles that have been hanging on a den wall for years.  Almost all memories of service or weekends more than tools used to cause harm.

But these were also firearms found in the State of New Jersey, one of the worst places a firearms owner could live.  And this photograph was nothing more than part of a sickening propaganda campaign launched by the American media upon the Bill of Rights.

I read similar gun-turn-ins occurred in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Cleveland.  But not a single one from the South…or the West…or the heartland.  The men and women living there know what is at stake, and it’s not preventing Evil by removing a talisman of wood, steel, or plastic from our nation.

No, what is at stake is the survival of our Constitution.

And the Marxist Left in this country, and its sycophants in Washington politics and the media, know damn well a good crisis like this can further their foul agenda to impose socialism in our nation.  And they will use this god-awful tragedy to advance their agenda, just like they did in 1919 Soviet Russia, or 1933 Germany, or 1975 Cambodia.

The immoral Left does not give up their agenda—it is their repulsive religion.  They know millions of decent Americans will not accept socialism, and we have to tools to remind them that we will strongly disagree, one round at a time, for that agenda to be foisted upon us loyal Americans.

But that photograph in New Jersey just illustrated to me that millions of Americans know how serious that sentiment is, and they want no part of it.  But on the other side of that emotion—and this is what has me concerned—are millions of Americans who will fight to preserve our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

Non-combatants like those in New Jersey are irrelevant in this kind of decentralized 4th Generation warfare activity.  It’s the South, and the West, and the millions of individuals who did not give up their firearms last week that worry/interest/concern…proud…I don’t know the word to use.  I bet the Germans have a long compound word that fits such thoughts and emotions.  But that’s where my focus now lies.

When this awful story broke, I started reading what the Executive Branch and Congress were thinking about what to do to solve this issue.  And in the first news stories, I kept hearing the word “possession.”  As in, 30-rd magazines for an AR-15 would be banned from possession, unlike the earlier failed 1994-2004 semi-auto ban which grandfathered in existing magazines and rifles.

The potency of a single word in our world is to me…simply astounding.  Words do have meaning, especially those in the U.S. Code.

And it was that ban on “possession” that worried, and continues to worry me.  For in reading blogs like Sipsey Street Irregulars, an influential militia Website in northern Alabama run by a very articulate gentleman in poor health, they were not going to tolerate anyone seizing their rifles or magazines.  They would fight.

I heard an interview on NPR late last week with Paul Barrett, a Leftist gentleman who wrote a book supporting the Second Amendment (2A).  He was asked the question, how would this be enforced, and since I was driving while listening to the program, his answer almost made me crash my car.

Here’s the entire exchange:

MARTIN: Paul Barrett, you’ve actually said recently that an assault weapons ban would actually be pointless. Why is that?

PAUL BARRETT: Yeah. Well, because I think what you really want to focus on is magazine capacity: how much ammunition a given weapon can accommodate. Calling something an assault weapon is largely just a pejorative term for a semiautomatic rifle, and is really neither here nor there.An assault weapon is not, shot-for-shot, any more lethal than grandpa’s wooden-stock deer hunting rifle. So let’s talk about magazine capacity, which we did limit under the assault weapons ban enacted in 1994. We had a limit of no more than 10 rounds per magazine. And we could institute – we could reinstitute that kind of restriction.And if we banned the possession of large-capacity magazines, that would be meaningful, because that would basically create a mandate for law enforcement to go out and collect the millions of large-capacity magazines that are already legally held in private hands. My point on this is simply that I don’t think even Dianne Feinstein or Barack Obama or any other Democrat in Washington is actually going to contemplate proposing a law that would result in the confiscation of large-capacity magazines that are already out in the marketplace.

MARTIN: Because why not? Why not? It just isn’t done. Confiscation is just not something that’s part of the American story.

BARRETT: Because you imagine being the sheriff in a rural county in Texas given the job of going to people’s homes and collecting their 20-round magazines. You’re talking not just a political problem. You’re talking about civil insurrection.

I shit a brick when those words came out of my radio.  And on friggin’ NPR of all places!   I mean, we have not had that state of affairs since 1861 in this nation, not by ordinary law-abiding citizens, in the classic sense of the term.

Matthew Bracken, a military fiction writer, recently wrote a fascinating story called “What I Saw At The Coup.”  It described—and I love this description—a fictional “Communist putsch against the Constitution” by a political administration that sounded suspiciously much like one that all of us are familiar with today.  Bracken, given his former military career, was spot on in how this kind of nefarious Leftist political activity would be handled by existing security forces of the United States.

But let’s get back to the bigger picture, of which the Left has absolutely NO clue whatsoever.  “Civil insurrection” brings up the image of something the law enforcement and military can handle, and ordinary citizens outside of the area of conflict just have to read about online.

I posit this question:  What if the law enforcement and military cannot handle this? Or will NOT handle this?

The assumption made by the Left on this topic, combined with its overall clueless ignorance of the world, is…incredible.  Simply astounding.  I cannot emphasize this strongly enough.

It’s been fascinating to read over the past few days the small snippets of dialogue online about this most important question of our time, written by who appear to be local law enforcement, or active or retired military.

In duty room and barracks across the nation, friends are asking each other this month, “Would you obey an order to confiscate firearms?”  They have talked about this for years, but it may be that gut-wrenching order will finally be issued.

One exchange was telling.  The writer had obviously served time in the military, and recently retired.  He said that while some E-1s (privates) might follow that order, the NCOs and lower-level officers would not.  They would go AWOL or just not show up, explaining that “they did not sign up for this.”

What the idiotic Left does not realize is that today’s Armed Forces are comprised of the sons and daughters of those who own such semi-auto rifles and pistols.  They will tell their officers that they refuse to follow an illegal order supporting confiscation.  And there will be hundreds of thousands of active, reserve, and Guard military who will do so.  And they will have the support of at least 100 million Americans, in my estimation.  That’s a real number.

The military will stand down, at the very least.  At the most…a coup d’etat.  Which would be the ultimate political game changer, and worthy of another post someday.  Or you could have a single Marine fighter pilot in an A-10 head up the Potomac River under radar level and use his taxpayer funded training and Afghan War experience to cause some very extensive damage to a historic building located in central Washington, D.C., just right off the Mall.  I don’t even want to think about that scenario, it’s just so…appalling.

Local law enforcement has been penetrated for the last five or so years by the Oath Keepers organization.  They are all right-wingers, conservative like me, and they’ve made some serious inroads into reminding their fellow officers of their oath to support the Constitution.  They will not enforce Federal law.  It’s not their job to do so, and they will tell Washington to go fuck themselves when push comes to shove.  They don’t want to get shot by their neighbors, and they don’t want to do that either to their friends.  History will show this organization to have been as important to the world as the 1770s Sons of Liberty groups were to our Founding Fathers.

I think the only group enforcing this law would be Federal agents, and there are only about 25,000 actively working on such issues at present.  Once the shooting starts—and it will, by mistake or ambush—those agents are not going to be replenished.  No one is going to sign up for disgusting quasi-Fascist duty like this, and you’ll have a large percentage of agents who will then simply call in sick, or resign.  They are decent people and know a bad law when they see it.

Which means the Obama Administration will have one of the worst situations imaginable for any Western government:  large sections of this nation will defy him using arms, and they will get away with it.  And this does not mean just a refusal to follow a new semi-auto possession ban—it also mean that Obamacare will not be enforced, along with, well, almost every other disagreeable Federal law.  Which as I last looked, seemed to be almost all of them.

And once Americans have that taste of freedom…I mean real freedom…they’re not going back to oppression.  Even the mild form of it that we have today.

And once enough Americans know that other Americans are not only fighting, but winning…the words “civil insurrection” will be a very weak description of what will be happening to History and the direction of our nation.

Is that change a good thing?  Let me just say I twice took an oath to support the Constitution, and I will.  Out Constitution was given to us in 1787 by Providence and continues to be the most perfect governing document ever written by human beings (except for the Articles of Confederation).  A government following the Constitution can always be replaced peacefully by American citizens and made better, with the right loyal citizens and the right ideas.

What worries me most is that after that state of change exists, something else will follow.  And the worst the “civil insurrection” will be, the worst the politics will follow.  History has shown that the most extreme elements usually climb to the top during times of extreme political stress.  It happened in the 1791 French Revolution, the 1918 Russian Revolution, 1930s Germany, and other extremely unpleasant examples of our planet’s past.  We Americans had a taste of it in the 1780s when we kicked out the Loyalists.  I hope it doesn’t happen here is all I will write, but I will also note that if that happens the Left will not survive in its current form.

And that’s what I fear most, and that is what made me most afraid in the week following the Connecticut shooting. There is a lot of anger in today’s America, and it does not need a spark like a moronic possession ban on folded pieces of inexpensive sheet metal and a spring to be the last straw sending us all over the abyss into not civil war—that assumes there is another side fighting—but wholesale political liquidation using the worst 20th century definition possible.  It can happen in America; we’ve proven before that we are just as capable of such nasty things as the Europeans and Asians.

I hope our political leaders can follow a cogent action to its natural conclusion.  I have worked with them—they’re not stupid.  Just ignorant of unintended consequences because of ego, projection, and lack of historical knowledge.

I read a day ago that swine Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) proposed legislation re-instating the 1994 semi-auto ban and was immensely relieved that the word “possession” was not in the proposed bill.  It may still show up as an amendment, but at least the antis are starting at a safe point.

I believe a semi-auto ban bill will pass the Senate sometime in the 1Q13.  It will pass by a margin of about three or four votes, and those Senators up for election in 2014 who vote for this travesty and are from Red States will deservedly lose their seats.  And all for a bill that if it ever reaches the courts will be struck down as unconstitutional.  They will throw away their political career for nothing.

Remember, we 2A supporters in 1994 did not have the 2008 Heller Supreme Court decision.  We do now.  And this kind of ban on the most popular sporting rifle sold in America won’t stand up, if the judges are fair and do their job.

Plus, this bill will never see the light of day in the House.  Mr. Boehner or whomever replaces him will make sure this semi-auto ban bill will never come out of committee, or find itself up for a vote because of a discharge petition.  We House Republicans know that when this shit was done in 1994, it wrecked the Democratic Party for almost two decades.  We’ll take a hit on it by ignoring it, but it will be a political hit, which we will not only survive in the ’14 election cycle, but gain votes because we supported the Bill of Rights when it was under attack by the Marxist Left.  That’s still a vote-winner in the United States.

As time goes by and as families get past the worst part of their unfortunate grief, with the 10 days of Christmas, and two or three weeks in January, I believe the momentum the anti-gun supporters have will have dissipated.  I think it’s already going away, just a week after such sickening news of a disturbed young man going berserk because he discovered his mother did not love him anymore and wanted him rightfully committed to an insane asylum.  Reading Twitter, editorials, talk radio demonstrated to me that millions of Americans still defend their Constitution and their rational, logical view of the world.

Happy Christmas to all of you.  Smile this season…we could all use such simple joys of being human right now.


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