#Feinstein Is Nuts. Bonkers. A Hundred Fries Short of A Happy Meal. #guns #4GW #epicfail

Well, the wicked witch of the West finally went over the deep end.  She released a summary of the bill she’ll drop in the Senate on 3 Jan 13…and it’s a doozy of a disaster.

It isn’t so much the reimposition of the silly semi-auto ban that we Americans had to put up with between 1994 and 2004.  Now this silly bitch Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) not only wants to put up a semi-auto rifle ban…she wants to go after semi-auto PISTOLS as well.  And to dump the whole lot into the barely functioning National Firearms Registry, the long neglected and horribly inaccurate Federal register of fully automatic firearms.

She’s nuts.  Looney toons.  Bonkers. A hundred fries short of a Happy Meal.

My guess is that she is going for the whole pie with this bill, and use this as a starting point to eventually winnow the bill down to a semi-auto rifle ban, and nothing more.

But cris’sake, she just gave the pro-2A side the biggest, and I mean biggest recruiting point ever!  She is not only antagonizing the minority number of owners of semi-auto rifles…she now antagonized every single American who owns a semi-auto pistol.  That’s pretty close to half the nation.

And registration on almost two-thirds of American firearms?  Not going to happen…not going to fly.  She’ll get the die-hard socialists in the Senate to vote for it, but moderates will flee this bill in droves.  If Sen. Harry Reid ever allows a vote on the bill in this form, it will go down 70-30 against.

This bill is Dead On Arrival.  The stupid cunt overreached, and will now get nothing.  Except she will now give the NRA the biggest fundraising and political recruiting tool ever.



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