Another Analysis Of A Stupid Idea And Its Unintended Consequences. #guns #postrebellion

In the same vein as my earlier analysis of any attempt to confiscate or register Constitutionally protected rights, I found this similar analysis on the Net.

What you’ll see in the rebellion.

The author predicts a military dictatorship, with a hopeful return to the Constitution.  I certainly applaud the latter result.

Look, I will follow the law, no matter how bad it may be.  I think, however, it is the height of amusement that in the attempt to ban semi-auto firearms, the ignorant morons have left absolutely untouched the full-power battle rifles that won both World Wars.

Whatever…the firing squads will work with whatever they will have at hand.  A traitor’s death under Rule .30-06 is just as effective as under Rule .223.

And, to rant a bit more…The winners of this unnecessary contest will give out Congressionally-sanctioned awards to those firing squad members when all this is over.  They will have performed a patriotic duty unheard of in American history.  What’s left of the Left will seethe about that pronouncement in the Congressional Record, but at that point whatever newly established political police we will have in place will be utterly ruthless in its protection of the Constitution.  The rump Left will have much more on their mind than U.S. Mint trinkets.

I will blog a bit more later about Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV)) and how a similar security service can apply in the United States post-Rebellion, but with a few distinctly American changes to reflect our own history and customs.  Americans have to make sure this treasonous attack against our founding ideals of Liberty does not happen again for another two hundred years.


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