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Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own. #media #guns #endtheleft

Lew Rockwell’s blog had an interesting post today about propaganda, media manipulation, and the average American’s perception of their own world. Here is an excerpt: My own take away on this is that the pervasiveness of media manipulation of public … Continue reading

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And Economic Optimism From Forbes. #sanity

I think Forbes magazine has to be one of the most sensible out there right now.  And we Americans could use a big dollop of optimistic sanity right now. Read this fabulous Forbes article about how Obama’s out-of-control Marxism is … Continue reading

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4GW Orders Are Being Issued, Via A Decentralized Command System. #brilliant #guns #4GW #endtheleft

Wow…this is amazing.  Through the suggestion of a story, one that is provided for informational purposes only, the initial commands for the Second American Revolution are already being issued by loyal Americans in defense of the Constitution. Shock The System … Continue reading

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The People Told The Administration To GFY. #guns #4GW #liberty #epicfail

I laughed out loud when I heard our esteemed asshole Imperial President answer a question at his Monday press conference about the run on guns and ammunition happening in every corner of the nation. Obama smarmed his way through the … Continue reading

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The American Revolutionary War of 2013 #endoftheleft #4GW #guns #rebellion

The meme of the next American Revolution is slowly percolating up from obscure blogs into small conservative political Websites.  Because of its extraordinary implications, it will continue to bubble upwards into right-wing news Websites such as, and eventually emerge … Continue reading

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The National #Budget, Easily Explained. #broke #deficit #hyperinflation

Rich Galen, a GOP operative and whose weekly e-newsletter I enjoy reading, had this gem to explain just how bad the budget cuts and deficit truly is: When the Congress and the President decide to come back to work, they … Continue reading

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An Alternative Look At Today’s Motivation…Hmmm. #guns

Here is a post written by a former Navy guy who operates a survival business. Something Ain’t Right In it, he postulates that some of today’s agitation over 2A rights is a false-flag operation pushed by foreign intelligence agencies, specifically … Continue reading

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