“A Nation Preparing for War.” This Is Getting Surreal. #guns #4gw #lefthasgonemad

I have been trolling various Websites over the last few days, and it is incredible as to what people are saying, reporting on, or actively doing on the most looming public crisis since the 1860s.

Here is a good roundup on the coming Second American Revolution, or the Rebellion.  I find it absolutely incredible that the MSM is trying to actively submarine this historic story.  It’s like the biggest case of cognitive dissonance I have ever encountered.  Drudge had a small headline when Sen. Feinstein’s (D-NUTS) foul bill was announced, and that is about it.

They have no idea of the ferocity of what is about to hit them…none whatsoever.  It will be the most advanced demonstration of Fourth Generation Warfare the world has ever seen.  Northern Ireland, too few combatants.  Iraq, ignorant combatants, Third World conditions, and two completely different ideas of government and combat.  The closest I can think of would be Yugoslavia in the 1990s, but without the ethnic hatreds.

Some interesting posts to read:

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We don’t stand a chance (LadyRaven)

You bet your ignorant syphilitic infected brain… (Anti-Idiotarian Rotweiller.  Fascinating sidebar:  A paragraph mentions Putin surreptitiously supplying solid Soviet-bloc weaponry to a potential resistance.  That’s going to include MANPADS and anti-tank, a real equalizer.  Never thought about that aspect, but Putin’s prior KGB and SVR service would have exposed him to that technique.  Kind of a reverse 1980s Afghanistan situation, crafty paybacking bastard.)

The next American civil war (Canada Free Press)

These posts are all public.  And I am sure that the analysts at the FBI, DHS, and NSA are reading the same things, and gauging the opinions and strengths.  Not to analyze potential counterattacks, but at this stage just analyzing the spectrum of threats.  And like the FBI analysts said in the 1990s, when the first semi-auto ban went through, these millions of Americans, who just bought 10 million firearms and over a billion rounds of ammunition, these firearms are not being bought to just meekly turn in, they are being purchased to fight.  I will never forget that unknown analysts personal conclusion:  “The Bureau was impressed.”

Is the government–our government–completely mad?  What in God’s name could be a positive result that they would derive from all of this?  They can’t win.  The numbers just aren’t there for them.  And once this is finished, the mass trials for treason and sedition will begin, and those government agents who fired upon Americans exercising their rights will be brought to a very swift justice.  There will be those on our side who think that will be going to far–and they will suddenly find themselves standing next to the traitors to the Constitution, awaiting the same fate.  It’s just the way these things always play out in history.   1989 Romania is a good example of such outcomes.

Bob Owens’ blog had a sobering piece of fiction that I share below:

Sept. 19

Dear B.,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. I’ve heard it through command that the loyalists harassing I-40 have been dealt with, so you should be getting all the rice, flour, etc you could want within days, now that the port in Wilmington has been repaired.

Because of security I can’t tell you precisely where we are, but I can say that we can see the Washington Monument through the smoke from time to time. I’m not even sure how to describe the fighting. Spider says it reminds him of Hue. The younger Marine veterans speak of Fallujah. All I know is that loyalists have contested every inch since we dismounted in Lorton.

Most of the harshest fighting now is pile to pile. It reminds me of what I saw on the History Channel (remember TV?) about Stalingrad.

Tell the girls that I love them and that I think about them every day. I k

[Letter recovered near body of rifleman from Company E., 26th No. Car. Infantry, at Battle of Arlington Ridge on Sept 23, during the Second American Revolutionary War]

“Battle of Arlington Ridge“?!?!  Fuck, that’s less than a half-mile away!  Time to get out of here…I think I am looking at beginning a modest life in southern Europe.  At least the citizens of Bosnia remember how bad Sarajevo was…

If this unnecessary tragedy happens, Washington, D.C and its suburbs–my home–will be Ground Zero for any 4GW combat.  Certainly the central city.  And the areas around Capitol Hill and Federal departments.

As I wrote earlier, there is a silver lining in all of this.  The foul stench of socialism, reeking in various corners of this nation since the 1880s. will be completely wiped away when this is finished.  I just hope there is an intact United States of America to continue.

But I’d be okay with an independent State of Virginia, too.  At least I could join its diplomatic corps…


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