This Is Madness. They’re Deranged. Dems Now Want to Repeal #22nd Amendment. #insanity #guns #dictator

I really, really think the Democratic Party is becoming unhinged.  Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY) actually, actually dropped a real live bill in the House hopper to repeal the 22nd Amendment and let Commander Zero have a chance at a third term.

I shit you not.  H.J. Res 15 is a real bill–here’s the Thomas link to it.

To be fair, Mr. Serrano has dropped this bill for the last six Congresses, so at least he’s consistent in his distaste for the 22nd Amendment and its term limits on the President.  That’s okay; that’s why some of us wind up in politics.  We don’t like what’s there and want to change it.

Now, this turd has absolutely NO chance of getting a two-thirds vote in the House, and absolutely NO chance of ever being brought up in Mr. Smith’s (R-TX) Judiciary Committee.  Nevertheless, the Left is becoming increasingly bonkers by doing this kind of nonsense, especially today.

And they’re doing it out of realization that all the Marxist bullshit they’ve had to sublimate their entire political careers might, just might, actually stand a chance of happening.  So they are letting down their guard, and showing all of us just exactly what kind of good little Communists they are.  And with the increasingly unbalanced actions of the President and Vice-President on immorally eviscerating the 2nd Amendment, the Left is trying to go for the whole ball of wax.

Ain’t going to happen, of course.  As the days in 2013 go on, and more and more people discover that the Internet has brought together a lot of Constitutional supporters, most of the political class today will most likely not see the day they so eagerly dream of, and they will have no one to blame for that outcome but themselves and their deranged power-hungry egos.

As I said in an earlier post, this is all becoming surreal.


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