An Alternative Look At Today’s Motivation…Hmmm. #guns

Here is a post written by a former Navy guy who operates a survival business.

Something Ain’t Right

In it, he postulates that some of today’s agitation over 2A rights is a false-flag operation pushed by foreign intelligence agencies, specifically Russia.

It comes down to one point he makes:

It has been postulated that there are 20,000 Spetsnaz operatives in this nation. I don’t know if that number is accurate or not, but I do believe there are quite a few here (at least in the hundreds.)

It is that hidden manpower that gives any bite or credulity to his thinking.

Are there at least 2,000 Russian sleeper agents inside the United States?  I don’t know personally, but I am not a counter-intelligence specialist  But as a former Soviet Area specialist, I know today’s SVR could certainly maintain long-term sleeper agents with Spetsnaz commando training in certain US areas.  And these agents could also provide agent provocateur incidents to further destabilize the US, something that still remains a goal of Russian foreign policy.

When I first encountered Russia Today, the TV cable network carried by more and more American cable systems, I was genuinely intrigued by it.  Slick production values, low television budgets, and interesting topics, none of which were being carried by MSM.

And when I discovered that there were lots of rumored links back to the SVR, Russia’s intelligence agency, I could not help but think that this was a first-class propaganda outfit being funded by the Russian government to subvert the United States.

I still think that.  Although, I admit, I watch the network solely for Abby Martin’s show, Breaking The Set.  She’s hot…an agitated, spirited, attractive left-leaning activist, something I have a weakness for.  Yes, the bastards at the SVR picked her for just those qualities…and they worked.  I mostly don’t agree with her, but there is enough in her rhetoric that makes me think there is more behind her than just a platform for her to voice her opinions.  She goes libertarian, but she also voices questions about the American Establishment and big business, something that needs genuine examination but its decline also means decline of the operating political powers of the nation.

When I learned last year that RT was the TV station of choice in a Tennessee truck stop, I was flabbergasted.  The salt-of-America was watching Russian propaganda on a regular basis, questioning the narrative of the thoroughly corrupt American MSM.  The old pre-1989 Radio Moscow and Soviet-American friendship magazines were amateur operations compared to RT’s reach into 2013 America.  I’m impressed–RT is a first-class propaganda operation.

I mean, the Russian government has a motive to continue to direct propaganda and subversion attacks against the US.  Our nations remain enemies, as are most modern nation states.  It makes perfect sense to do so, even if the SVR’s intelligence operations in the US are not up to the same standard as they once were before 1989.

I mean, the Russian government’s long-term subversion of the US Department of State continues to this day.  In the late 1960s, the then-KGB began a two-pronged approach  to penetrating that department.  One approach was through traditional spying methods, using short-term information objectives.  The other approach was much more long-term, placing key personnel in the hiring offices to ensure that only properly vetted sympathizers to the Left and socialism were hired by the department.  That operation continues to this day.

What makes the subversion process so insidious is that while almost every single Foreign Service Officer (FSO) hired in the last twenty years leans or is sympathetic Left, or apolitical, none of the FSO hires has any idea that they are part of a larger scheme.  What makes this a thoroughly diabolical plot is that while the individual FSO has no idea they are being used, the collective nature of their decision-making means their decisions will be skewed heavily Left.  It’s why State is consistently seen as one of the most Left leaning organizations in Washington.

This outcome was deliberately done by the Soviet Union.  When this program was begun in the late 1960s, the Soviets had no idea that they would be gone 20 years later.  The operation was put on automatic pilot, and continues to function to this day, most likely through 20 carefully placed individuals in the FSO hiring process.  If I had to wager about their location, most will be found in the Final Review Board of the FSO hiring process, the most secret part of the entire hiring operation.

As a historian, I would LOVE to read the operations reports from all of this activity.  Le Carre would have nothing on this at all.


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