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Well, there I was thinking the weekend brought a respite of normalcy.  Sigh…

  • Here’s the latest Matt Bracken post, “Dear Mr Security Agent“.  Mr. Bracken is a noted author and former Navy SEAL team member.
  • Bob Owens is now drawing a line,  Let It Begin Here.  His blog is getting overwhelmed with traffic right now.
  • TL in Exile talks about The Art of Tyranny.
  • It is the height of delusion and fantasy that the Left, Obama Administration, and certain U.S. Senators are now operating in.  Despite my vow never to watch that assclown’s show ever again, I watched a bit of the Piers Morgan-Alex Jones interview tonight on CNN.   Definately oil and water mixing, but what was revealing was the commentary afterwards by Morgan and attorney Alan Dershowitz.  I will have to find the transcript, but in essence they were arguing and agreeing amongst themselves that disarmament will be shoved down our throats.

Does the Left not have a single clue as to how this will turn out?  Millions of American will not meekly surrender their rights.  They will FIGHT.

And they will win.  

The numbers are just there.  That’s demographics and motivation.  There is nothing that can change that.  Such intimidation did not work for the Soviets, it did not work for the German National Socialists, and it will not work for the Communists currently occupying positions of power.

As a student of history who also has a B.A. in the subject, this is just fucking incredible to witness.

I am expecting in the Virginia General Assembly session coming up later this month a bill of nullification of any new Federal gun control laws.  I would not be surprised if there were also a nullification bill of all existing Federal gun control laws within the Commonwealth. And as long as the General Assembly is in the spirit of nullification, Obamacare is gone, along with all the other disagreeable Federal laws affecting the state.

Gov. Bob McDonnell will also call out the Virginia National Guard and Air National Guard, and the Virginia Defense Force.  And to be completely gobsmacked, I predict there will be from the Governor’s authority under the Virginia Constitution militia call-ups, something the Commonwealth has not done since the 1860s.  The State of Virginia will be mandating all males between 18 and 50 to show up somewhere in their local areas to be formed into infantry and Ranger units to defend the state.  There will also be special Virginia units formed as strike commands, much in the same way as SEAL, SAS, and Mossad units to operate outside their normal boundaries.

And in doing so, the state will also be seizing Federal property.  That means not only the Federal intelligence facilities around Washington, D.C., but also Forts Myer, Belvoir, A.P. Hill, Pickett, Story, and Eustis.  The state government will also seize the Norfolk Navy Yard (again) and Oceana NAS, as well as Langley AFB.  And a slew of really ordinary Federal office buildings around the state.

And incredulous enough, in doing so, it will also take over the Yorktown supply depot for the Navy, instantly making the Commonwealth of Virginia a nuclear power.

This is fucking madness.  Does the Left not care about its fate, or the fate of millions of innocent and clueless Americans?

Well, you’ll never find from this blog a plea for us to come together to find common ground.  Fuck that, I know I am not alone in looking forward to the Constitutional firing squads, permanently liquidating as a threat something that has infected this nation since the early 20th century and making damn well sure it does not resurrect its ugly totalitarian head for another three hundred years.

But I do fervently hope that everyone takes a big step back and remembers that the Consitution exists to help us celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

To quote President Kennedy, “We all inhabit this small planet.”

I know we can’t all get along, but cannot we find a dialogue to prevent all of this unnecessary insanity?


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