The American Revolutionary War of 2013 #endoftheleft #4GW #guns #rebellion

The meme of the next American Revolution is slowly percolating up from obscure blogs into small conservative political Websites.  Because of its extraordinary implications, it will continue to bubble upwards into right-wing news Websites such as, and eventually emerge into the sunlight via conservative publications such as the London Daily Telegraph.  The Drudge Report will be leading the way, despite the best intentions of Marxist sympathizers in the MSM to bury this meme.  Mrs. Clinton was right in 1995 about how these meme start and find their way into the conversation, but it is so much quicker today with the Internet and social media.

Here is the latest example (11 Jan)  of this coming unbelievable backlash against 80 years of malignant socialism.

The American Revolutionary War of 2013  (Godfather Politics)

Reading the comments sections of these kinds of pieces is always interesting.  You have a good mix of enthusiastic patriots who will melt away after the first shots but remain very supportive in material and time, a solid representation of vets who know the sound and fears of battle but will prove to be one of the most useful part of the coalition “because they’ve been there,” and others who support the general idea of Liberty and freedom as defined by the 1787 Constitution.

What is not apparent but who is also perusing these sites are the very hidden but very substantial cadre of smart and savvy political operatives whose knowledge of 4GW, government operations, leadership locations and schedules, logistical choke points, power requirements, and communications workarounds will ultimately prove to be an overwhelming force point against any formal government opposition.  These are the personnel who presently are keeping the system running, or have extensive knowledge about how things really work in Washington and around the country.  And whom are loyal Americans who remember their oath to the Constitution.  You can tell they are there by the rare comments that appear which are intelligent, reasoned, historically accurate, and properly targeted.  If you are smart, you don’t always remind others of their ignorance, but appreciate their enthusiasm.

These people are also found in the middle management sections of almost all Federal government agencies, especially those dealing with security.  DHS is rife with them, as well as most Federal law enforcement.  DoD also has a very large and very professional number of these kinds of individuals.

Once the opening shots are delivered–hopefully gracefully–the plug on these departmental operations will get pulled, causing the whole formal government security response to fail quickly.  The Socialist mandarins will know the jig is up once their staffs desert them wholesale.

And unlike Saigon in 1975, where the few choppers on the roofs evacuated officials to waiting U.S. Navy carriers, this immense, cold realization will form around the knowledge that there are no Hueys, there are no carriers, there are no plans for something like this.  They’ll instinctively want to flee, and that means Dulles or BWI, which won’t be running because airlines don’t like losing expensive equipment in conflicts.  And there will be only a few C-37 executive jets with willing pilots to go around.  Ultimately, there will be only the false sanctuary of their Silver Spring or Takoma Park home to greet them–which won’t last long.

That’s when their paralyzing panic will set in, much like the government department leadership suddenly felt in Bucharest, Romania, in December 1989–and that’s when History will be made.  Watch Fox News on that day, for it will be remembered over the next two hundred years what happened.

I will blog about a potential description of that day later. For now, let’s label it Restoration Day to get things moving.  (Great, another holiday…)

My two cents:  After this unpleasantness is over, no one wants to be the one picked up by patriotic security services and charged with treason against the Constitution, sedition, genocide, conspiracy, crimes against humanity, and all the other unlawful behavior the Nuremberg defendants were executed for in 1946-48.  Today’s upper leadership and management will face a firing squad–and so will their moderate defenders–but their staffs will desert in droves once “this shit gets real.”  They don’t have skin in the game…unlike the American people.

Interesting times, indeed.


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