4GW Orders Are Being Issued, Via A Decentralized Command System. #brilliant #guns #4GW #endtheleft

Wow…this is amazing.  Through the suggestion of a story, one that is provided for informational purposes only, the initial commands for the Second American Revolution are already being issued by loyal Americans in defense of the Constitution.

Shock The System (Bob Owens)

And what is incredible, all these commands are being sent out in uncoded texts that can be easily read by the NSA and other government communications networks.  In fact, they are purposely being delivered this way in order to send more warning flags that Liberty will be restored despite the best efforts of an oppressive government operating in the shadows.

These messages are directly targeting those government employees listening to these kinds of communications, and not just those ordinary Americans looking for instructions and orders on what to do next.

This may be the first real Internet revolution occurring in the West.  It was bound to happen sometime to a modern nation.  If social media networks can bring down some badly run Third-World governments in the Middle East, a highly sophisticated and decentralized effort by Liberty-minded patriots, sending messages and instructions to unknown American supporters on how to wage 4GW combat operations, will prove to be unstoppable.  Such dissemination will be difficult at first, as it is supposed to be, but ultimately, the most creative people in the history of the world–Americans–will find the right workaround.  And we’ll be damned good at it as well.

What must now occupy the minds of those in government are what will be their fates after the Rebellion succeeds.  And it will; any government that operates in the shadows will find itself bereft of supporters once the lights are turned on.  History has shown from the 1946 Nuremburg trials, through the 1989 Romanian revolution and 1991 Russian coup attempt, through the 1995 Yugoslav crises, and now in Libya and Syria, that no quarter will be given afterwards to government security forces that attack their own people.  And in our particular example, there also will be no mercy shown for those who committed treason and sedition against the Constitution, and who fired on the American people who were rightly and justly defending their Liberty.

As a conservative friend of mine who works on the Hill said to me the other week in discussing these series of events, “The firing squads will run day and night.”

If I were one trying to avoid this unnecessary fate, I’d be taking out that ad in the Wall Street Journal classified section announcing their career change.  Early adapters generally get the best seats, as any concert goer knows.

God, this is getting surreal beyond surreal.


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