The People Told The Administration To GFY. #guns #4GW #liberty #epicfail

I laughed out loud when I heard our esteemed asshole Imperial President answer a question at his Monday press conference about the run on guns and ammunition happening in every corner of the nation.

Obama smarmed his way through the answer, but the behind-the-scenes implication of it all was all to clear:  the White House (WH) has had discussions about what this unprecedented purchase of military firearms of all types, and shortages of ammunition for police inventories, means to their foul plans to impose Socialism and tyranny upon us extremely pissed-off and well-trained Americans.

I bet the WH staff shat a brick when the Homeland Security brief told them the nation was arming itself to repel any attempt at disarmament or violation of the Constitution.  And that the quantities of ammunition being purchased were so significant that they were causing police departments to run low on their ammunition stocks.  That’s a lot of ammunition now in the American people’s hands.  Good.

I have to state this, because it is unbelievable:

This collective purchases of ammunition over the last two months by American citizens has sent the strongest domestic public affairs message possible to a President since South Carolina signed their Ordinance of Secession on 20 December 1860.

Hey, if the Marxists want to run a stealth campaign against the Constitution since the 1930s, we Americans can send them the same kind of subtle message via our wallets to “go fuck yourself.”

What these WH sissies don’t realize–and they are an extremely clueless bunch of closed-minded Marxists–is that the ammunition runs right now are being purchased by amateurs and late-comers.  The serious ammunition buys in the realms of 10K rounds and more in military and pistol calibers were all done years ago, and squirreled away by the real opposition in a million hidden corners across the United States.  The real opposition consisting of military veterans, patriots, ordinary Americans, and undefined individuals who know 4GW and all its nefarious techniques to bring down tyranny.

And they all knew eventually a tyrannical Administration would someday show up, and they have been preparing for it…for decades.

As I wrote earlier, the 1B rounds sold in the last two months are probably only 12% of what is out there in the American people’s hands.  Pro-gun people squirrel away extra ammunition over years of usage, eventually building up their inventories to sizeable stocks.  I wrote earlier that there are probably seven to eight billion rounds in American hands, but nobody really knows.  It’s probably a low estimate.

And really, a 500-rd brick of .22LR is sufficient enough to defend Liberty if used in the right way.  I was always impressed by the Israeli Mossad teams who used .22LR Beretta pistols as their main weapon against Palestinian supporters operating in a Western European urban environment.  You don’t need much more than that when your target range distances are measured in inches.

We loyal Americans will be happy to give it all back, one carefully placed round at a time.

Liberty will prevail, and the Left will greatly suffer for their deliberate planned treason against our Constitution.

And I predict, so will the RINOs who allowed this incredible series of tragic events to happen.  Even more so than the Left.

Very interesting times, indeed.


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