Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own. #media #guns #endtheleft

Lew Rockwell’s blog had an interesting post today about propaganda, media manipulation, and the average American’s perception of their own world.

Here is an excerpt:

My own take away on this is that the pervasiveness of media manipulation of public opinion in the US is so successful that Americans by and large do not even realize that what they perceive to be their own personal thoughts and opinions are in fact not their own. The average American’s opinions, and beliefs are instead created for them through a suffocating saturation of mass media. Their thoughts sprout in their psyche after having been planted there by a powerful propaganda establishment. This manipulation begins at childhood and continues throughout a person’s entire life and its very difficult if not impossible to escape its influence. Especially when the subject is so emotionally charged as the current gun control debate.

A couple of years ago, the Cato Institute had a survey that found that only about 10% of the American people had cogent enough thoughts to actually express an opinion about politics on either the Left or Right.  Most of America could care less about all the nonsense we do in Washington, and for good reason:  they have their own lives to live.

As far as manufactured consent, Chomsky is absolutely right.  When you work in the public relations field as I have, you realize that most of the official statements uttered today have been heavily massaged before you even read it.

That’s what makes the Internet so subversive.  Finally, after 170 years of mass communications, the average person like myself can express carefully considered thoughts and logic to anyone who is fortunate enough to stumble upon this or other Websites.  And through the power of YouTube, you too can put up short videos designed to elicit a particular opinion.

I still think the original Matrix movie was the most subversive movie ever made.  It introduced to the average “low information voter” (read: moron) out there the delicious idea that all of what you think your world is, is not true.  No, we are not in a world where we are a battery and you take a red pill to find out the truth–we live in a world where the Establishment is spending millions of dollars in the legacy MSM to control how you think.

And they’re failing.


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