Orders Continue To Be Issued. #4GW #guns #standwithrand

It’s been a while since I blogged, but it seems the hidden forces behind the curtain continue to churn.  If the government forces continue in their stealthy way to subvert the Constitution–and get pissed when true patriots like Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) deliver a well-appreciated filibuster on the Senate floor and garner millions of supporters–than the supporters of the side of Liberty are also continuing their campaign to prepare for the Second American Revolution.

All these orders are being issued in the clear, and given the ubiquitiousness of the Internet, these orders are being distributed to forces fully engaged in the opening stages of 4th Generation Warfare (4GW).

The latest ones are found once again on Bob Owens’s excellent blog, in the post “The dark zone.”

We now go from small-area electrical disruptions, to regional electrical disruptions.  These are important points of strategic information that now are in the public realm.

What remains fascinating that these points of strategic information (let’s refer them as Item A) are in importance to several other points of information (Points B to say, Points L).  Each of these–railway bridges, food distribution, political leadership location, military unit morale and loyalty, etc.–also have the potential for similar dramatic results.

If I am aware of one blog disseminating this incredibly sensitive information, than there are tens of other blogs out there that I don’t know about operating in similar areas of expertise releasing the same kind of incredibly sensitive information.

And once this information is released in the public realm, it’s out there to stay.  You can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

Sure, you can shut down the Internet, but once this information enters a human brain, there is no way short of a 9mm round to clear it from one’s memory.

As a historian, it will be fascinating to read about these initial opening stages and what they led to on both sides.  Owens is right though–the adherents of Liberty have the numbers going for them, as well as the moral high ground.

The lampposts of Washington, D.C.–my hometown–will be decorated before this ends, regardless of who advocates restraint.  My fear is those who want to put a halt to it before it gets worse will wind up alongside those who richly deserve such a fate.

I’m still undecided if that attempt at moderation is a good idea.  It may not be.

Interesting times, indeed…



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