Time To Bring Back The House Un-American Activities Committee. #huac #newleft #congress #socialists

I caught an interesting blog post the other day, discussing the idea to bring back the infamous House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC).

The post argued that given the Marxist subversion of many American institutions, it was time to resurrect HUAC to hold hearings on these topics:

Bringing back HUAC would allow for the complete investigation of the communists in Congress, the self-identified ones and the ones trying to hide.  Huma and her Muslim Brotherhood infiltrators in the White House, FBI and DHS could be exposed, brought in to testify under oath and locked up for their crimes and/or their perjury.  The House Progressive Caucus would be exposed for the Marxists they are, Jihadist Keith Ellison would have his ties to terror oriented groups exposed and he would be held account for his Un-American activities.

Now, I know a bit about HUAC.  Actually, I know a lot.  I was going to write an article about HUAC’s replacement, the House Internal Security Committee (1968-75), and the attempt by HISC chairman Richard Ichord (D-MO) to remake the committee to handle the threat posed to the United States by the New Left.

Sheesh, the “New Left”.  Students for a Democratic Society, the hippies against the Vietnam War, and the Weathermen.  These bastards really have not gone away in 40 years since they populate the ranks of the Obama Adminstration; why not bring back HUAC in all its glory to show this Leftist scum that the bad old days are here again!

I digress.  I was the next person to examine in the US Archives the archived files of HISC, after the AP reporter who wrote the story I read about the files being opened for public examination in 2002.  I’m a former House staffer, so going through all the grey Committee archive boxes was like looking at my old committee’s files, except instead of the topic being the boring stuff my committee handled it was juicy stuff like Communist subversion and the threat the Left posed to the nation in the early 1970s.

For my research, I not only looked at the US Archives, I read almost every book written on HUAC, HISC, and the internal security challenges faced by the US in the 1960s and early 1970s.  I also read a lot of HISC’s hearing testimony, and bought a fair amount of Committee hearing prints to have as a collectible.  Incredibly, the jurisdiction of internal security was stripped from HISC in 1975 when the Committee was abolished an is now held by the House Judiciary Committee, which has not held one hearing in 38 years on this important subject.  Talk about dropping the ball.

While I never wrote the article–I could not find the time to go to the University of Missouri and examine Chairman Ichord’s personal papers–I remember all of my research.  And my conclusions.

I think bringing back HUAC is an excellent idea.  But to bring back HUAC today would pose an incredible challenge.  Not only would you have to find House sponsors for the House resolution, you’d have to find 218 votes to approve this change to the 113th Congress rules.  (Obama would not sign this nor would the Senate approve this H. Res.; it’s just a House rules change, not an enrolled bill.)  And you would have jurisdictional fights over what the staff could investigate, and how they could do it.

One challenge faced by Chairman Ichord and HISC was that the New Left leaders would not only appear at their Cmte hearings, the Lefty twerps would hold as a badge of honor the times on the record when they told the Cmte to stick it.  The scary HUAC was in the early 1950s–by the early 1970s HISC was a bureaucratic paper tiger whose fangs were long gone.

But as one the comments in the blog post wrote, the pucker factor on the Left would be incredible for just suggesting this fabulous idea.  And the height of amusement for hard Right libertarians like myself.

Now…how can I become a Professional Staff Member on the new HUAC?  That would be a professional dream come true…


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