Rand Paul Scares The Bejeezus Out of The Obama Republicans #2016 #randpaul

I have enjoyed watching the kerfuffle between Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Gov. Chris Christie (RINO-NJ) over the “dangerous” strain of libertarianism found in the Republican Party.

This strain of libertarianism is the only thing keeping the GOP in any kind of power, but an Establishment RINO like Christie could care less about the party–his kind only likes power, and will trash whatever is decent to keep it.

What a psychopath, but politics attracts this kind of deranged personality to it.

I think what is most telling are the attacks themselves on the Paul brand by the rapidly fading Establishment.  If the good Senator from Kentucky wasn’t running so high in the pre-2016 Presidential polls, he wouldn’t be facing this kind of attack.  That’s a good sign for our country’s future.

But true to a Member after my own heart, Paul–and specifically his Senate staff–have gone on the offensive against this New Jersey blowhard, and taken the fight back to this fat fuck.   I hope they keep it up, and get creative with it.  Defeating these RINO traitors should be one of the top priorities for the Paul Administration in January 2017.  I hope to be a staffer in that Administration and keep the fight going to preserve Liberty and our Constitution.

Christie is finished in the Republican Party; it’s just a matter of time before he switches to where his heart lies with the Socialist–er, Democratic Party.   Hopefully the rest of the Obama Republicans–many of which showed their ugly face in the recent House vote on the Amash NSA defunding amendment–will follow soon thereafter.

Good riddance, asshole.



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