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I caught this post on CNN’s Politicaticker blog, about Ron Paul launching his own TV channel.  Bravo for him taking his superior message about Liberty and economics to the Interwebs!

I watched his intro video to see how much money he and his backers have sunk into production.  I was impressed with the studio setup; it was very professionally done, with the right focus points and political memorabilia across the background.  The camera appeared to be a handheld model, so they are going for the edgy “walk around the studio” look done on other start-up networks….like Russia Today (RT)’s “Breaking the Set” with the very hot Abby Martin, a curious Web/cable network blogged about here by me last year.

Hopefully Mr. Paul can find the energy, the guest hosts, and the independently produced programming to fill three or four hours of air time.  Now that would be an interesting job I could do, given my libertarian and hard-right political background in communications.  But I’m not holding my breath for a call from their production staff.

Paul’s foray into Internet broadcasting follows on Glenn Beck’s TV program, which appears to be doing almost nothing to generate buzz in the alternative media–or the MSM.  Hopefully Paul has a good social media aspect to the network to generate coverage in the larger media word.  That is how his network will succeed.

This is a larger trend away from the legacy broadcast networks, who as their audience dies off from old age, loses more and more relevance every day.  And as the legacy networks croak, you’ll see a much broader message of Liberty–and unfortunately, fascism and communism–emerge across what networks are available for us average Joes to watch on the Internet.

Last week’s joyous news of my hometown paper, the Washington Post, being bought by a West Coast Internet businessman who has strong libertarian leanings, is one more indication that the legacy media is going terminal and that these bastards will not be with us much longer.

This wonderful demise of the Establishment-controlled MSM cannot happen soon enough.  The sooner these psychotic control-freaks lose their hold on the messages guiding our lives, the better off this little blue world of ours will be.  Of course, like a vampire, we will eventually have to drive a stake through the Establishment’s heart.  And in this case, I predict, it will finally end most likely by having them stand against a wall, answering for their crimes against our nation.

“In defense of the Constitution…ready…aim…”

We all live in interesting times, indeed.

Congratulations to Mr. Paul and the backers of his network.  I raise a glass of fine British ale in a toast to his success and health.



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