Time To Update This Blog, Don’tcha Know… #busy

I see that my last post was back in August…almost three months ago!  I need to start writing again, if simply to just to string words, sentences, and paragraphs together about the world and America in late 2013.

On Labor Day, I started searching again for a job in communications, Web editing, writing, or something in an interesting field or trade association.  No such luck so far, not even an interview in two months.  The gov’t shutdown, while necessary and a great idea, did not help in my job search in the D.C. area.

So I’ve been doing some maintenance and projects around the house, making it look better and doing some long-delayed repairs.  I even managed to get my old classic car running again for a bit, which made me happy.

I sure would like to get back to a professional job, if just to do something other than hanging around the house.  Retirement is BORING.  I’d rather contribute something useful to this world.



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Lord of the Hundreds is a traditional sheep's milk cheese from East Sussex, U.K. It's also the name of my blog. I'm a middle-aged writer living in the Washington, D.C. area., who enjoys creating and editing posts of interest. Perhaps you'll find a few interesting posts browsing through its pages. Also, you can find me at @lordofthehundreds on Twitter.
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