The #USChamber Just Committed Political Suicide #fail #hubris #tcot #gop

Well, it’s been a while since I posted, and I apologize to my readers for my absence.  I started another small business that is actually getting results and some coin in my pocket.

I had to comment about the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s statement by USCC President Tom Donohue about how he is going to take the Chamber and be influential in the 2014 Congressional elections.

I have to admit that when I heard this, I laughed out loud.  Full disclosure:  Years ago, I was a consultant to the USCC’s communications department, where part of my bailiwick was to GOTV for Chamber members.  All 90K of them.

The Chamber likes to tout its small biz creds, but it really doesn’t have any.  They keep a membership total around 100K businesses.  Now a small minority of them are America’s wealthiest corporations who funnel millions of dollars to the Chamber, not because its particularly effective in its lobbying efforts, but because the Chamber itself is a marvelous public relations tool for American corporate interests.

For the record, American corporations are a good thing, most of the time.  Their leadership, however, are generally comprised of psychopaths to one degree or another.  The traits of psychopaths generally help these individuals boost themselves aggressively up the corporate ladder.  They have but one fault:  Hubris.

You are witnessing hubris at work right now with Mr. Donohue, a man whom I met many times and might even remember me.  He is playing high stakes poker, and the fool is only holding three 4s.

He is risking the history of the Chamber, for it Mr. Donohue who took over in ’95 from the idiot Chamber leaders who endorsed Hillarycare and got pilloried for it.  And lost their jobs.

He is also risking the reputation of the Chamber, which is shaky at best.  Generally I have always thought of them as a legacy organization, once decades ago wielding real influence–especially in the 1920s–but really haven’t done anything since the 1960s when their failed TV programs only reminded a lot of people that the Chamber was a has-been.  The USCC leadership, including the Congressional Relations Dept., jumped on the ’94-’06 bandwagon, but they really didn’t contribute that much to a GOP victory.  That credit mostly goes to the National Rifle Association and its 5M members.

The Chamber can’t pull this off.  The PR campaign they need to do is too large, there are too many diverse interests, and knowing what they are going to do with the Chamber’s grassroots campaign–which was never very effective when my associations used it–they will spend millions with very little results.  The USCC is going to get rolled in tens of House districts across the country, and the Leftist media is going to keep score and tell all who listen that the U.S. business lobby is losing its power.

Hubris.  You read it here first.

Constitutional conservatives vote because of passion.  2A voters do the same, and they are effective.  Both have one thing in common:  a love of our Constitution.

Capitalism is cool, too, but our founding document comes first.  Mr. Donohue’s Irish temper is going to be taught a very humiliating lesson in a few months, especially in the primary contests when the pissed-off Tea Party members come out in droves and vote for the non-Chamber endorsed candidate.

Dan Holler, communications director at Heritage Action, said it best in the above linked IHT article:  “Very few Americans are clamoring for well-connected special interest groups to use their political connections to secure government-sponsored privileges.”

The 2014 midterms are not going to be like previous elections.  It will be 1994, but on conservative / libertarian steroids.

It’d be nice to work on the Hill again, but for the right Member who actually wants to change Washington and its culture of morons.  The USCC should have hired me, but they fucked up.  Seems they are doing it again.


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