#SOTU: Mark Levin’s Timely Program on Obama’s #Communist Mentor #tcot #treason #impeachnow

I’m listening tonight to Mark Levin’s second hour program discussing President Obama’s youthful mentor in the 1970s, the Communist Party USA’s Frank Marshall Davis.

I blogged about this nefarious connection last year.

I am wondering if Levin’s very intelligent guest Dr. Paul Kengor is going to discuss the topic that Davis is actually the President’s father.  That delicious topic is being delicately avoided in the program so far.  It should be interesting to see if the topic is broached at all by a caller.

Even if it isn’t, it’s wonderful to see at least Obama’s family history of embracing Communism being broadcast in a national medium like Levin’s show.  Using the phrases “Red diaper baby” on the radio (as was just done) is going to be a nice cape to wave in front of the treasonous Left on a night like SOTU.

I would bet not 1 in 10 Americans knows this fascinating background about our socialist President.  There are a number of books and videos out there that broach this very interesting topic, of which Prof. Kengor wrote the seminal piece on this topic in his book “The Communist”, which I own and read.

The upside to this is the incredible blowback that will be focused on the worthless MSM when all this comes out.  Finally the phrase “What did the MSM know” and “when did they know it” will finally find the ironic meaning it has needed since the 1970s.


Impeachment proceedings must begin for our President.  Yes, after that impersonator is gone, we’d have President Biden, but let’s face it, for all his faults Lunchbucket Joe would be better than this Communist traitor.

<irony> I look forward to the Senate impeachment trial.  </irony>



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