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“This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.”  –Admiral Josh Painter, played by Fred Thompson (The Hunt for Red October, 1990)

An absolutely fascinating development on the American firearms front today opened up in Connecticut.  Seems that the 106 people who tried to register their semi-auto firearm and the 108 who tried to register their high capacity magazine but didn’t make the cut-off are getting royally screwed by the Connecticut State Police (CSP).

In good faith these 214 people tried to do the right thing, but now they are on the forefront of the coming Second American Revolution.

It’s so painfully obvious what is going on here.  Connecticut authorities, knowing that these 214 people are not Second Amendment fire-and-brimstone breathing Fourth Generation revolutionaries armed for battle, but just cowards who couldn’t read a calendar, have decided to make these idiots “their example.”

So…let’s play a little with the optics of this.  Most of them are going to be simple suburban types, fat white guys who bought an AR-15 or high cap magazine for their Beretta 9mm.  The first couple of raids will show these scared tract-house homeowners being taken out by a bunch of fat policemen in body armor, clutching most likely the carbine models of…an AR-15.

Seriously, is this display of buffoonery supposed to scare me and others out there who actually spent some time in the military, who actively shoot hundreds of rounds a year in combat-training situations, and who know counterinsurgency warfare as practiced since the late 18th century in almost every nation that has seen such activity?

Fat chance, Charlie.  We’ll wait to see what you do with the real patriots of Connecticut.  These seems to be thousands of them who didn’t bother filling out the paperwork and instead gave the authorities the big, fat “FUCK YOU” finger.  Going after those will be the real test–and I doubt if they will try.

What is going to be FASCINATING if the initial raids generate such bad coverage for the CSP that they either discontinue them because of the political fallout, or…

The pushback becomes something out of the Warsaw Ghetto, 1943.  But updated to reflect the Clinton rules of engagement from Serbia, 1996-98.

Sipsey Street Irregulars has good coverage of his own fight to prevent these unnecessary actions.  I’ll let you via the link find his letters and his very delicious turn-about on the Connecticut attorney general, a Mike Lawlor.  Who according to SSI may actually be a KGB sleeper agent planted 30 years ago through either conversion to Communism (or more likely blackmail) by the boys in Lubyanka.  It’s amazing what one can find on the Internet, and who one has access to if they are a loyal American patriot.

What the idiots in Connecticut don’t realize that if they actually are dumb enough to try enforcement raids on this, the national and international coverage will be so negatively extensive, and so provoking, that they are begging for an enormous reaction against them.  If not by scared homeowners in their state, than from things like:

a)  boycotts of Connecticut businesses by state and local authorities across the nation
b) consumer pushback to avoid Connecticut tourism sites like the plague
c)  general negation of any good will Connecticut has generated, and the subsequent spending of millions of Connecticut tax dollars to lure businesses, tourists, and newcomers back to the state
d) amazing pictures of people actually fleeing the state, generating coverage on Fox, RT, every non-American newspaper and television network, and eventually the US TV networks.  A TV anchor will undoubtely compare the US to Ukraine, causing our bond ratings to plummet, while our debt payments skyrocket because of the perception of US instability
e) unfortunately, any bloodshed from police caught up in a raid, the poor homeowners and families, and any collateral damage that can’t be easily contained
f)  And any types who are seeking a fight and don’t mind luring these idiots out to their doom under false registrations and ambushes, all to be widely covered most likely by social media and Twitter.  Oh, and they’ll most likely wind up being labeled as heroes, resisting tyranny and all that.

The armed responses will be the most fascinating, specifically in what kind of reaction and does it spill over elsewhere in the nation.  Everything is linked via the Net today and since we’ve been sitting on a powder keg for the last six years, this may be the spark that sets off the whole kit and caboodle.

This is so bad, in so many ways.    

Interesting times, indeed.

Oh…and we’ll win.

UPDATE:  Another good read about it all here on Reason.com.


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