DC #Militia Rally Scares Feds Into Weather Modification Event #guns #epicfail #OAS2014

Something just did not feel right about the sudden and very violent rainstorm that struck the D.C. area the night of Thursday, May 15, 2014.

Background:  The Operation American Spring rally was scheduled for Friday, May 16.  According to the organizers, a “million marchers” would come to DC, rally on the Mall, and not leave until President Obama was forced to leave office, amongst other worthless Congressional politicians.  The rally was a flop, as I predicted, having helped set up numerous medium- t0 large-size Capitol Hill and Mall rallies/events.  The organizers did very little national GOTV-like efforts, no one sponsored transportation to DC, and there was almost no news coverage about it.  About 500 people showed up, heard some speeches, and instead of D.C.’s version of Ukraine’s Maidan Square, all that the participants got was a very sunny day and a single article in the Washington Times.

But the night before brought some very violent storms to the D.C. area.  I should know; it’s where I live.  It has been a long time since such heavy rain fell from a non-hurricane storm in the area.

And I just could not help but thinking that someone, somewhere in the NCA (national command authority) made a decision to active the very secret HAARP weather control apparatus to block the rally.  The timing of the weather and the rally was just too perfect.

But since weather control is an imprecise science, the storm showed up about 10 hours too early.

And here’s why.

If any of this is true, than there is some kind of weather control equipment located at Dover AFB.  It works on some kind of plasma pulse of the ionosphere, as was discovered through the 30 years of experiments at the Alaska HAARP facility, which is now being sold as surplus.  According to this Webpage, this kind of radar pulse has been done before, with mixed results.

HAARP’s massive Alaska facility was the pilot project, which has seemingly now concluded with some very black hardware being constructed.  My guess the HAARP v2.0 weather modification equipment resembles either a very secure building or a series of specialized vehicles or shipping containers.   Again, absolutely fascinating stuff, if true.  Along with the anti-gravity technology found back in the late 1940s and secreted away, this technology may be one of our nation’s greatest secrets.

And using this kind of equipment for political purposes, or not using it to help the citizens of the United States in extreme weather situations, is pure treason against our Constitution.

The powers-that-be in the White House–and it is the White House driving its use, not the Pentagon–did not want to take a chance that the OAS rally would turn into something like what happened last November in Kiev.  The Maidan Square protest started out small and eventually smothered Kiev and the deposed Ukrainian politicians like a big claustrophobic blanket.  So some bright Democratic traitor–and eventually his or her name will be released–ordered that the “weather machine be used to create one intense rainstorm and keep these people away.”

And it was one of the nastiest rainstorms in memory, according to several long-time D.C. residents.  One even said it was worse than 1972’s Hurricane Agnes.  I have to admit, if the D.C. area got hit by the results of this machine, it’s impressive:  that was an enormous amount of rain that came from the radar pulse.  Much more than a usual May storm in this area.

What I can’t understand is why the Pentagon is allowing this to be used.  I mean, it and other projects are in deep black–even the E-ring offices don’t know about much of what is being developed.  So why tell NCA it exists at all?  Every time you use this thing–and it was used about a year ago to break the drought in California–you increase its chances of it being publicly exposed.  You do stupid stuff like driving off participants in a poorly-advertised rally that even a right-winger like me knew was going to be a bust and eventually you WILL have on the front page of the London Daily Telegraph or the London Guardian a headline:  “US Develops Weather Control Machine”.

And once that happens, the cat is out of the bag.  Life will change for all of us on Planet Earth if we can change the weather for the better–or worse.  If the USG has developed equipment that can save lives from tornado strikes, or divert hurricanes, or seed clouds to help farmers and food production, than there is a moral obligation to release this technology into the public realm.  It isn’t like the planet-busting scalar physics underlying anti-gravity–this weather tech is nothing more than directional microwave heating of the atmosphere.  Any nation can eventually figure out how to modify equipment to do this.  If true.

What made me laugh out loud Friday morning that after that barn-buster of a rainstorm there was absolutely gorgeous weather on the Mall for the rally.  I mean, as an event organizer, I could have not asked for a better day.  That sunshine and clear blue sky was simply stunning.  I wish more people had shown up to protest, but they weren’t going to–and it had nothing to do with the rain or sun.

It was piss-poor organizing by the OAS sponsors, the hubris and deranged ego of the idiot one-star who put his name to a good idea and did nothing to make it happen. that caused this first Maidan Square-on-the-Mall rally to crash-and-burn.

So I hope whoever the Communist douchebag was in the White House who ordered the Dover AFB weather machine to crank up and stop the rally got a nice, loud ass-reaming by NCA that morning for exposing this super-secret equipment AND helping the right-wing rally out so nicely.

This is for you, asshole:  Snicker…snort…bwahaHAHAHAHAH!

I look forward to the DoD firing squad delivering to you the legal justice you so richly deserve for what you are doing to our country.  Just think, your name will someday be as notorious as Gen. Benedict Arnold.  I hope you are proud of your efforts…no one else is.




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