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DC Now Has #Constitutional Carry?! DC?! Holy Crap! #guns #2A #firearms #stickittotheleft

I have to admit, the Parker v DC case had completely slipped off my radar screen.  So when I read the ruling Saturday night on Twitter I was floored. Alan Guru, the lawyer who filed the case, and his comments … Continue reading

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Le Group: The Business Model

Le Group: The Business Model Throughout the 1983 book “Vengeance” written by George Jonas, I was absolutely fascinated by one aspect of the mission undertaken by Avner, the young Mossad agent tasked to eliminate the Black September terrorists who murdered … Continue reading

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Don’t The Powers-that-Be Realize This Ends Badly For Them? #internet #greenwald

Drinking my morning coffee and reviewing the news, I came across this fascinating commentary on a Lew Rockwell piece about Glenn Greenwald’s increasingly important revelations about NSA spying on ordinary Americans. I’ll quote it in full: Commenters on this story … Continue reading

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