Don’t The Powers-that-Be Realize This Ends Badly For Them? #internet #greenwald

Drinking my morning coffee and reviewing the news, I came across this fascinating commentary on a Lew Rockwell piece about Glenn Greenwald’s increasingly important revelations about NSA spying on ordinary Americans.

I’ll quote it in full:

Commenters on this story raised an interesting question:

“How’s this for a conspiracy theory? Once the implications and possibilities of the digital communications age were understood by government control freaks, specifically the ability to exercise total information control, they bided their time as print media slowly died with the headlong rush to instant news and digital media.

“When remaining print media sources were few and largely unfunded, the control freaks then took total control of digital communications networks . . . . much, much easier than trying to control all of that largely independent print media.

“It would take several years for users to understand that the Internet was no longer an open communications channel.

“The internet was invented by and for the Military/Industrial/Research Industry. The Feds created this medium, spent billions of dollars and years on projects that convinced us to use it for everything. They convinced us it was anonymous and cool. Print media is boring. “Snail mail” is unhip. Landline phones are for dolts; only cell phones are cool. Each newly improved and ever more invasive technology is “the next big thing” that should be anxiously purchased by anyone who is anyone. “But the entire platform had been designed from the start to control or at least greatly influence the public and to monitor our every thought, emotion and action.”

If one takes the theories of intelligent, erudite, and thoughtful men like Dr. Joseph Farrell, or Websites like The Daily Bell, who state that the history and news you see around you is not entirely correct–and the fault lines between these stories are easily split open by rhetoric, fact, and observation, the very tools of discovery embraced by the Enlightenment and Western civilization for 2,500 years–than perhaps the Internet’s own direction is now being manipulated by larger, hidden, taxpayer-funded entities who do not have the public’s best interests at heart.

I would argue that the platform started out innocently enough in the 1960s as ARAPANET, morphed into the early Internet products found in the 1994-1998 timeframe (oh, Netscape!), and somewhere in the 1999-2003 range found itself being guided by hidden forces who realized it could be a very useful tool towards…something.

Mass surveillance for a 1984-like world, courtesy of the World Wide Web?  I wouldn’t put it past the sick fucks to try something like that.  Being cocooned in a wealthy world, where real power is wielded by mere thoughts, produces a psychotic derangement that is almost indescribable.

But as the samizdat 1990s publication The Resister so famously stated, “A piece of paper cannot stop a bullet.”  The same goes for a computer screen.

And with over 12 billion rounds of ammunition in American private hands, that’s a lot of firepower to tell the powers-that-be that they’d better play nice with us law-abiding citizens, or we’ll rewrite the law.

I’m sure they will see reason.

Interesting times to live in.



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