DC Now Has #Constitutional Carry?! DC?! Holy Crap! #guns #2A #firearms #stickittotheleft

I have to admit, the Parker v DC case had completely slipped off my radar screen.  So when I read the ruling Saturday night on Twitter I was floored.

Alan Guru, the lawyer who filed the case, and his comments here:  It still may be appealed.

More about the decision here.  And lots here.

The District of Columbia, anti-gun capital since at least the 1970s…now has…has CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY.

Wow.  Simply...wow.  It doesn’t seen real.

At least for a bit, until the anti-gunners can pick themselves off the floor after that massive haymaker delivered by Judge Scullin, a man deserving of the Congressional Medal of Freedom if I ever saw one.

It looks like for DC residents, you still have to get your pistol registered to carry concealed or open carry.

As for others–such as me with my Virginia concealed permit–as long as I don’t have a record, I can now unbelievably legally carry concealed or open carry a pistol that has a magazine of 10 or less rounds.  That law is still in effect, unfortunately.  And no long guns, shotguns, or Class 3 stuff–only pistols are allowed to be carried.  And of course, no carrying into Federal buildings, around schools, etc.

Well…I will wait until more about this becomes common knowledge and usage before I bring a firearm into the District.  And D.C. is promising an appeal, so the decision could be stayed in a week and it’s back to the old days until a US Supreme Court ruling.

But this is a tremendously positive development for Liberty.  I obtained my Virginia permit almost 20 years ago for the purpose of someday being able to carry in the District.  There is no crime in Virginia, but I would feel much better if I could have a firearm in the District to protect myself.  Lowlifes abound in that place.

All in all, given the crime in the area and the trash I encounter in my visits to our Nation’s Capitol, I’d rather open carry my AR-15 clone in the District with a full combat load of 180 rounds of 5.56mm in six 30-rd magazines–and the M4 bayonet attached–but for now, my 7-shot .32ACP pistol concealed in a belt holster will do just fine.

Oh, by the way, if there are any anti-gun types reading this blog…


Sucks to be YOU, loser!



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