It’s Been Too Long Since My Last Post!

I just looked at my last post–written in the waining days of July!

It’s been a busy several months for me.  I finally landed a job in D.C., bought a new car, and began paying down some of my debts.  A real paycheck for the last two months has proven to be a Godsend to my finances and fortune.  I hope it keeps up for the forseeable future.

Not much to comment on for the last few months.  Congress is up to its old tricks, and with a new GOP Congress next year, things should get quite fun next year with a ton of good bills finally heading up Pennsylvania Avenue NW to get shot down by Commander Zero’s veto pen.  It will all make for some good attack ads for the ’16 elections.

Hopefully with the New Year I’ll find some more things to post.

Merry Christmas to you!


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