#Psychopathy…It’s On The #Political Menu.

When I worked on the Hill, I noticed that certain leaders were just the most abhorrent people possible.  Some of the elected Members of Congress I met were absolutely wonderful–kind, caring public servants who were just trying to do the right thing–but some of these Members were walking textbook examples of just nasty human beings.  Loud, abrasive, enjoying acting like an asshole, irrational, etc.

But staff could be worse.  They knew they weren’t elected officials, but they could influence them with their policies, their thoughts, and their actions, both good and bad.  And there were many more of them than Members.

It wasn’t until years later that I became aware of the growing studies into psychopathy and politics.  This behavior is linked, for those who are great psychopaths also make great politicians.

I just discovered one individual on the Web who witnessed the same behavior while working for the Army and Enron.

ManDyn America

I’m looking forward to reading more of his research and thoughts.  He’s definitely given this more thought than I have, and in better ways.

As I have said before, psychopaths in Congress constitute the greatest public health crisis of our times.  Corporate psychopaths can only wreck companies–the assholes working in Congress (or higher) can destroy our nation.

And it is only recently that this is being remarked upon.  But no one yet is proposing real measures to solve this political crisis–and that’s a shame.

A lot of our history is made by these weirdos.  And they shouldn’t be doing anything more involved our society than scrubbing garbage cans at a state mental institution.

Or standing up against a wall.


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